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Outsourcing for Cabbis

Overwhelming is one way to describe how much information there is on outsourcing and even more when factoring in how different third party service providers package these services as part of their deals, especially when starting out as a startup.

This can be a pain point if you’re unhappy with your current provider but unsure with what to turn to or if you’re looking to diversify your providers for redundancy or as a hedge against a possible point of failure.

Here, we’ll look at some examples of the biggest dispatching and booking systems and how they integrate contact center services for their clients.

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Contact Center Outsourcing in the Taxi Industry

To get a better understanding of the state and what needs to be done we should look at some numbers.

The losses that businesses incurred from bad customer service has racked up to $75 Billion yearly. In addition, research done by Salesforce has shown that 91% of customers with a positive experience will make another purchase or continue with the service, while 70% customers with a negative experience stated they will not purchase nor continue with services from companies with long wait times for customer support. (Donevski, 2022)

“Staff openness can also develop excellent communication and great insights into customers’ needs” as one study notes. It goes to show that customer support is integral to the health of a business. More specifically with the taxi and ride service business, customer experience is embodied in the booking, dispatching, and customer service of any given taxi company.

Let’s look at a cross-section of booking and dispatching solutions providers that offer customer support solutions as well.

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The strategy and service provided is meant to complement live phone operators with automated voice and phone solutions rather than providing their own call center operations.

Their suite of services and features: IVR, voice recognition, Live Wallboards, and help ease of operations with your own call center.

Another completely different approach taken here is that there are no call center options or features that assist with call center operations. Their dispatching software is a tight integration that gives the ease of app based work flows through their dispatcher panel, and admin panel.

Their features and services are independent of any customer service considerations.

Agents in the Philippines - Live Chat Outsourcing

Contact Center Outsourcing with Pac-Biz

When it gets right down to it, the call center or contact center you outsource needs to have expertise in the taxi industry and be adaptable to the different dispatching systems out there.

When it comes to a contact center provider that works with all dispatch systems, Pac-Biz works with your training protocols to adapt to your workflows and systems. If you’re a startup and haven’t had a dispatch system set in place, we can help you develop one.

What makes a contact center different from a call center is with multi-channel support, and Pac-Biz engages customers on a variety of platforms from email to calls, to chat at any time of day or night.

Unlike competitors that shackle one to a long service contract, Pac-Biz offers flexible terms including a 30-day contract.

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Why Outsource with Pac Biz Contact Center Outsourcing?

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