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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t really have that as a problem, almost all our employees are college educated and have worked in a call center for 3-5 years before working at Pac Biz. If you ever have an issue with an agent, we have a process for replacing them but it never comes up. Learn More…


We bill you the first of each month for the number of agents you have and you’ll get access to online billing with your own login and email alerts. The first month is prorated and if you add more agents those will be prorated. Learn more…
Yes, $250 per agent, that will be billed with the first invoice. Learn more…
It’s easy, we send over an agreement, which is month to month, you pay the first month based on your start date, you send over your training materials, access to dispatch system/phone system and we’ll set up an intro call with you, me and Edz who will be your account manager from the Philippines and is the taxi manager. Learn more…
Depends on how many you need, we can get started as soon as 1 week from now if needed, but typically a 2 week notice is best. Learn more…
We recommend starting with at least 2-3 agents but if you are a small company we can start with 1. (Share story: We have a client with 10 cabs, we started with them with 1 agent Feb 2017 and by October 2017 we had 5 full time people taking 100% of their calls).
We can do just about anything that can be outsourced, we’ll start with your call taking and if there are more responsibilities you would like us to take on we can work together on that.

It’s pretty open. For day to day communications, we can use skype, give our employees a google for business account with Pac Biz and you can use Google Hangouts, all of the Pac Biz staff are on Basecamp and we can give you access to that too. 

Interactive FAQ Video

Eric Mulvin, owner and CEO, answers FAQs in this interactive video. Contact us for more info.

Driving Customer Service Forward

Providing quality customer service representatives (CSRs) to companies in The United States, The United Kingdom, Canada (and expanding to Australia) for more than five years, Pac Biz has been recognized as a top B2B voice service company. 

Supplying 24/7 contact center agents for growing enterprises in eCommerce, healthcare, transportation, and more. 


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We make it easy for your business to start outsourcing. Learn about our entire process, from agreements, to billing.

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