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What Kind of Call Center Does a Taxi Company Use?

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Transportation Companies Outsource Calls to Taxi Call Centers

How have taxi companies worldwide pushed innovation and continued growth?

The answer is they pivot their strategic plan towards maximizing profitability, while optimizing the experience of their customers and drivers.

Are You Looking for a Taxi Call Center
You Can Trust?

No More Missed Calls or Long Hold Times

Customer experience is important to consider when running a successful transportation business. If you are missing calls or backed up on calls, you could be losing customers that would have otherwise used your ride service for the rest of their lives and/or recommend you to everyone they know.

How do you address staffing needs for customer support?

When you have a sudden influx of calls or a no-show representative, do you have a plan to keep operations at a high standard? The answer is simple, and transportation companies all over the world have been taking advantage of outsourcing customer calls and dispatching for decades.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Tool for Transportation Companies

Call Center Outsourcing Benefits

  • Extension of Your Team
    Pac Biz Agents works with your local team as needed, just as any remote worker would. They attend meetings, go over goals, and more.
  • Training Department
    Outsourcing with Pac Biz, allows transportation businesses to calibrate their standards and expectations with a team of training experts. We develop an SOP (standard operating procedure) for your dedicated agents.
  • Back-Up Agents Ready
    Whether you have local customer service representatives that quit, don’t show up, or need vacation time, Pac Biz has backup agents trained according to your SOP, ready to go.
  • Quality
    Pac Biz Call Center Agents are experienced and provide customer support from The United Kingdom to the deep south of The United States. Regular call scoring and supervisors keep agents motivated towards always improving.
  • Significant Cost Savings
    If you’ve dealt with the headache of hiring, training, and managing a team of customer support employees, you know it is no easy feat. Not only do you have to cover costs related to equipment, utilities, health benefits, but you also have the admin costs of constantly hiring a high-turnover position and worrying about the quality they are capable of providing.

Tasks a Taxi Dispatch Call Center Take On:

  • Dispatching 
  • Scheduling
  • Phone Support
  • Text Support
  • Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • Social Media Support
  • More!

Taxi dispatch & customer support call center: Pac Biz

  • Easy Call Routing & Set Up
  • Experienced Taxi Agents Ready to Go
  • Training & Call Calibration
  • Constant Quality Assurance Scoring

Pac Biz Works With Taxi Transportation Companies Worldwide

For call center services, dispatching, and other solutions for transportation, Pac Biz assists taxi companies in The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia in handling customer support, 24/7. With the help of Pac Biz, you’re able to grow your profit margin by up to 400% all while offering an excellent customer experience.

If you’re interested in working with Pac Biz, contact us.

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