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Pac Biz Rewards

Welcome to our company store!  Being one of our valued clients has some perks, and this is one of them.  You can check out the list below on what items you can redeem and how many points they cost.  Worried about not having enough points? Don’t worry, there are several ways to earn points and we will keep adding more in the future!  If you have any questions, you can contact the account manager.

Company Store


If you’ve already had the pleasure of visiting Pac Biz personally in the Philippines, you can swap a Philippines trip for another destination in the world (based on comparable flight cost). Talk to your account manager for more details. 

Note: Maximum of 100,000 points redeemable per calendar year. 

Company Store

How to Earn Points


When your referral signs up as our client – you can earn 5,000 points per agent that gets hired (within first 12 months of signup).

Client Yearly Anniversary

3 or more agents: For each year of being a client – 10,000 points
1-2 agents/shared agent – For each year of being a client – 5,000 points
Part time agent: 3,000 points

Want to know your current rewards balance? Talk to your account manager today and they’ll let you know!