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Why Outsource with Pac Biz?

We make it easy for businesses to outsource their calls, chats, messaging and email while consistently delivering an amazing customer experience.

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Quality Outsourcing Standards

If you are in e-commerce, health care, transportation and home services and need amazing outsourced support, Pac Biz is your solution. We provide people and the technology to make sure your customers, patients, or drivers are getting as perfect of an experience as possible, every time.

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Our Core Values

Compassion. Family. Respect. Teamwork. Personal Growth. Professionalism.

Not only do you get the usual benefits of outsourcing with us but Pac Biz also goes above and beyond in taking care of its employees. Pac Biz holds an annual employee satisfaction survey (ESS) that gathers important metrics.

How does this benefit your business? One of the disadvantages of other providers is that they have a high attrition rate that disrupts the everyday operations of the client’s business. Not with Pac Biz. With us, our employees grow and are heard. 

This benefits our clients since our employees’ experience and familiarity with client processes and practices only grows since they stay with us and ensure that there’s continuity and flow in day-to-day operations.

What were the recent results? 

The ESS score is an aggregate of several quantitative metrics with the perfect score set at 5. Here we see that employee satisfaction is above average even during the tough circumstances of the global pandemic.

The ESS also includes qualitative aspects that give voice to employee concerns. Where valuable input on efficiencies were raised on the employee side of their workflows as this shows.

Our Vision

Promote client and employee growth through excellent support.

Our Core Values

Compassion. Family. Respect. Teamwork. Personal Growth. Professionalism.

Guided by these values, our mission is to provide only the best customer support to clients while providing employment in the Philippines, giving back to those less fortunate and inspiring a new generation of forward-thinking leaders.

Our History

Pac Biz started as a small customer service team in Dumaguete, serving a small transportation company “Tru Cab.“

As the transportation company went on, the idea to shut down operations & invest time and focus on the high quality call center aspect arose, which proved to be wise – as shown in continued growth.

To this day, we are dedicated to providing the best solutions for our clients.

Client Testimonials

Clients speak on their very own experience with Pac Biz

Outsourcing IT Support with Pac Biz: RushTech Review

Get to know what outsourcing is like from one of our happy clients. We sat down with I.T. specialist and RushTech Support Owner Andrew Lassise and talked about his amazing Pac Biz experience.

Customer Feedback

Feedback from real customers helped by Pac Biz Agents,
all information provided by real Pac Biz Clients from their customers.

The Pac Biz Advantage

You can rest easy knowing that you’re not contracting to a sweatshop when you outsource to Pac Biz. The benefits of a stable workforce with growing efficiency, the streamlined flat monthly fee as well as scaling customizable to your enterprise, and a company that listens to your particular needs is the Pac Biz Advantage.


Put your transportation business in the fast lane.


Bridge the gap between your brand and customer base.


Saving you valuable resources for healthcare

IT Help Desk

Outsource your business's IT services, without losing quality.

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We make it easy for your business to start outsourcing. Learn about our entire process, from agreements, to billing.

Our Success Goes Back Our Community

In an industry where we’ve become accustomed
If you’re a customer service representative, whether

Scaling Your Business With Outsourcing

Our team based in the United States is happy to answer your questions. We can walk you through the process, getting you in touch with our current clients to learn about the quality we provide when you start outsourcing with us.