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Virtual Assistants

We make it easier for business owners and professionals to accomplish more.

Our Virtual Assisting Toolkit can help you plan your workflow and delegate tasks more effectively. Enter your email to download now: 

Be Confident with Our Remote Solutions

Working remotely is quickly becoming a norm - Pac Biz fulfills the demand for more stable working environments with back-up assistants and support infrastructure.

Accomplish more things in a shorter span of time

Whether you need one, or more assistants, Pac Biz is here to help you scale and optimize your workflow so you can achieve your business goals faster.

What Pac Biz can do for you:

Email and Schedule Management

Email management can be one of the biggest time drains for entrepreneurs. Having a VA handle emails and your calendar is essential to becoming more productive.

  • Answering Customer Service Emails / Tickets / Chat Support
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Travel Arrangement and Planning
Contact Management

Contact management is vital to existing and prospective clients and is one of the first things to slip the moment we get too busy. Stop beating yourself up over not keeping up with tasks on this list and start delegating it so you can become more consistently more efficient.

  • Plan and organize meetings and other client activities
  • Organize and schedule appointments.
  • Data entry and database management
  • Create and edit business reports and meeting data
File Storage and Organization

VA’s can help systematize and put processes in place.

  • Google Drive / Dropbox Organization
  • Creating / Managing Spreadsheets in Excel or Google Sheets
  • Data entry in Word or Google Docs
  • Preparing Powerpoint / keynote Presentations
Administrative and Blogging Tasks
Day-to-day project management and marketing efforts. 
  • Transcription of Video and Audio Files
  • Deadline / Deliverables Tracking
  • Posting and Scheduling Facebook Posts
  • Schedule Tweets and Track Mentions and Hashtags
  • Answer inquiries and Messages on All Channel and Profiles
Back Office
  • Email Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Appointment Setting
  • Travel & Accommodation Booking
  • Lead Follow-ups 
  • Prepare Presentations 
  • Document Management
  • Lead Generation 
  • Data Entry
  • Inventory Management
  • Fulfillment, Distribution & Shipping Automation
  • Refunds 
Social Media & More
  • Social Media Coordination
  • Social Media Accounts Management
  • Community Management
  • Podcast Management 
  • Content Updates 
  • Newsletter Management 
  • LinkedIn Marketing 

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