Pac Biz is a inbound call company, based in Phoenix, AZ, USA, with agents in Dumaguete, Philippines.

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Pac Biz started as a small customer service team in Dumaguete, serving a small transportation company “Tru Cab“, started by Eric Mulvin & Bob Grunstein. As the transportation company went on, the idea to shut down operations & invest time and focus on the high quality call center aspect arose, which proved to be wise- as shown in continued growth.

Success in Helping Businesses Succeed

Pac Biz has expanded to over 100 employees, working with over 5 countries Worldwide. We’ve developed a team and infrastructure that keeps operations running like a well-oiled machine. You’ll get the most seamless transition to utilizing outsourced agents. Don’t believe us? We have plenty of clients that are happy to vouch for us.

Eric Mulvin

Co-Owner, CEO

Eric Mulvin,
Co-Owner, Co-Founder

Bob Grunstein

Co-Owner, Human Resources

Bob Grunstein,
Co-Owner, Co-Founder

Grow Locally,
by operating

As a business grows, so does the demand for inbound call services. It takes a lot of capital as well as time to hire, train, and paying benefits for a local employee to answer calls (as well as turnover costs). Pac Biz solves this problem for companies all over the world.

Pay in your currency, pay a flat monthly fee per agent, and our team works with your local team to provide a seamless launch of services. Open lines of communication with American Owners and On-site Management/Agents.

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"Pac Biz agents work at the highest standards, with a highly efficient Quality Assurance Team."

Robert Klein Richmond, Virginia

"Pac Biz is company that is easy to work with, they made transitioning to outsourcing inbound calls seamless."

Renee Tran Minnesota, USA

"I am extremely satisfied with the open lines of communication with my team, and the owners"

Jacob Smith Vancouver, Canada

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