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Importance of Creating A Positive Customer Experience in Customer Support

Positive Experiences = Positive Bottomline

Think of the times you had a great positive customer experience — think of why it was positive for you. Think of every step in that experience and what really mattered. Was it the quick response time? Was it the helpfulness in the agent you interacted with?

Conversely, what was the worst customer service experience you had? What were the aspects that stood out to you? While just taking one’s experience isn’t the end all be all but it is a first step.

Customer interactions are varied for different industries but what they share in common is that a positive customer experience can be had in the beginning — when they’re inquiring about a product or service and after, for example, post-sale inquiries, follow up on medical appointment, or rides. This means that it’s imperative to have quality customer support.

A positive customer experience is essential to the success and longevity of a business because happy customers are likely to spend again. Sustained positive customer experiences can also pick up momentum and may lower customer acquisition costs. In other words, a happy customer is likely to recommend your business to others, which in general being customer centric means more profits.

The kind of industry you’re in also affects the kind of expectations customers have and the kind of workflows in serving customers. Here, we look at how that works in a few industries.

When you’re a passenger getting a taxi you can easily imagine that getting a ride ought to be quick and for a majority of passengers this is a core expectation for a positive customer experience.

When it comes to taxi rides booked ahead, one key way to fulfill these expectations is to have professional taxi dispatchers to guide taxi drivers to where they need to be. Having an experienced dispatcher or controller is essential especially with newer drivers.

The time it takes to find and the cost of experienced and professional dispatchers may make the cost of business untenable in lean times. The solution is to outsource to a contact center like Pac Biz with the skillset, experience, and the resources to handle the calls efficiently. This can save time and costs as well as letting you concentrate on the rest of your business.

A significant variable impacting the customer experience with healthcare providers, insurance companies, and hospitals are the long wait times before speaking to somebody.

The lack of call takers can extend wait times or worse pull in those who have more important tasks into answering urgent calls that may turn out to be simple inquiries.

More than contracting with a call center, a contact center like Pac Biz with the multi-channel support it provides, agents can significantly cut down the call volume by pre-empting queries in social media chat, emails, and routing calls to proper personnel. This can significantly increase efficiency and save expensive personnel costs by enabling them to focus on core tasks rather than simple but high volume calls.

Customer Support in E-Commerce & IT Helpdesks

The reality of multi-channel support is more than ever a necessity in the space of general customer support especially with e-commerce and tech environments where queries and issues are filtered through first with social media chats and IVRs before an actual person whose skills are to be utilized.

Part of the challenge is designing a system not as an actual filter to merely limit call load but a way to ensure all queries are resolved to ensure a great customer experience. Pac Biz as a contact center has the expertise whether in call or chat or email to provide excellent customer experiences. A great customer experience proposal is within grasp.

The Pac Biz Advantage

Pac Biz not only has the experience and expertise to provide great customer experiences in different fields but has the favorable contract structure that lets clients get the most out of their deals with us.

Speak with our CEO Eric so we can structure the best deal for you.

Eric Mulvin

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Founder + CEO of Pac Biz

Let’s Get in Touch

Hi, I’m Eric Mulvin, owner of Pac Biz Contact Center Outsourcing. I’d love to set a time to go over what we do for businesses in different industries (Medical – HIPAA CompliantTransportationEcommerceService Companies, and more).

I look forward to meeting you and hope to form a great, long-lasting business relationship. I am located in the Phoenix, Arizona, USA area, but can easily be reached through Zoom or Google meet.

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