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Step-By-Step Guide to Outsourcing Customer Service

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Outsourcing: Why Companies Do It and How to Get Started

What exactly is outsourcing and has it been a prevailing practice for companies? 

While it’s mainly defined as the practice of hiring a third party to complete certain tasks, with most of the hiring coming from outside the country, there’s more to it than that.

Choosing to outsource is a big decision, which is why choosing the right outsourcing partner such as Pac Biz is vital to the success of your company’s future.

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Why Do Businesses Outsource?

There are various reasons why companies outsource, but here, we break down the key benefits of outsourcing your customer experience services:

  • Focus on product and brand development
  • Better risk-management and risk-sharing
  • Solve staffing problems by delegating the recruitment process
  • Get highly skilled CX professionals 
  • Reduce maintenance, infrastructure, and operational overhead

Working with a BPO company like Pac Biz can help in your problems with finding and retaining workers with special skill sets. Read our blog about Call Answering Services for Businesses Looking to Outsource Customer Experience to learn more.

What to Expect After Signing Up for Outsourcing Services with Pac Biz

We’ve broken down the process into six steps.

Step 1: Getting started

This involves onboarding calls and agent interviews where we discuss what’s needed from both ends, as well as scheduling follow-up meetings.

Step 2: Training

You may consult with our in-house training specialists and proceed to training finalization where we finalize the schedules and training periods, setting new standards for agents.

Step 3: IT infrastructure

Your agents are set up with the necessary credentials and test access connections and functions, ensuring that there is no latency.

Step 4: Measuring success

Standards are determined for agents, and incentives are set up for excellent work. We set KPIs and optimize our measuring tools to keep track of each agent’s performance.

Step 5: Service launch

Agents answer calls, chats, emails, and any other messaging platforms you have requested. They will work during their assigned hours and start to become an extension of your team.

Step 6: Call calibration

After 30 days, we meet with you to discuss performance and identify challenges and opportunities to further optimize performance.

Are you a transport company looking to scale up your operations? Our blog on Outsourcing Dispatching for Taxi and NEMT Companies might give you some insight.

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Ready to Work with Pac Biz?

When you outsource your customer support to Pac Biz, you get a high quality team provided with the resources they need to succeed.

Pac Biz agents have the relevant experience, with supervisors and account managers. They undergo a robust training program as well as a regular quality assurance protocol to ensure you only get the best.

Schedule a meeting with us and let’s talk about growing your business.

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