Why Medical Businesses Should Outsource Customer Support

With more and more industries resorting to outsourcing for numerous reasons, it’s no surprise that even healthcare businesses are jumping in on the method. If you’re the business owner of a healthcare service, there are benefits to outsourcing certain parts of your operations.

Wild About Nature Challenge: Pac Biz Employees Reconnect, Revitalize, and Reflect

High Employee Turnover Rates? Let Pac Biz solve that problem for you. Learn about the process of outsourcing, and nurturing global talent for your company’s growth. Name* Company Email* Connect With the Natural Environment for a Healthier Life Spending time in nature, regardless of how long you do so, will definitely have an impact on […]

Clutch Recognizes Pac Biz as Top-Performing BPO Agency

Looking for solutions to improve your company’s customer support? Get More Info about how Pac Biz can help you maximize your company’s potential.  Name Company Email Established in 2013, Pac Biz is at the forefront of the BPO industry, offering voice services for taxi, ecommerce, and IT help desk. Since our inception, our company has […]

Why Do the US, UK, and Canadian Companies Outsource to the Philippines?

As the global economy is recovering from the pandemic, many companies worldwide are now looking into outsourcing to cut costs. The truth is, outsourcing has been a big contributor to businesses’ ability to scale and grow with maximum profitability (even before the pandemic). The question is: Why Do the US, UK, and Canadian Companies Outsource […]

Pac Biz Foresight: Outsourcing in 2021 and Beyond

Outsourcing in 2021 is Certainly Promising for Pac Biz   The world of outsourcing has grown over the years and will continue to do so. With the unexpected turn of events in 2020 however, could there still be an optimistic outlook for outsourcing in 2021?   At Pac Biz, we’ve made sure to put extra […]