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Outsourcing Dispatching for Taxi & NEMT Companies

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How Do Transportation Companies Outsource Dispatching?

Are you a growing taxi or non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provider? Do you want to know the secret weapon to maximizing profitability and positioning your business for growth? The factor that cuts overhead costs significantly is outsourcing dispatching and customer support to taxi call centers, like Pac Biz.

Are You Looking for a Taxi Call Center
You Can Trust?

Transportation Company Pain Points

The main concerns for transportation business are customer satisfaction, driver satisfaction, and profitability.

The problem: Your company is struggling to hire quality dispatch and support representatives; they require high wages with high turnover rates. This results in long waits for your company, or worse, missing calls and losing brand loyalty. This affects customer and driver satisfaction.

When you outsource your customer support and dispatching services to Pac Biz, experienced transportation specialists take care of hiring, training, and supervising/managing your support team, all at a flat monthly fee.

Call Answering and Dispatching Strategies and Services

The problem: The overhead costs it takes to fund a call center operation are significant and managing staff is a headache.

What it costs for managing in-house contact operation:

  • HR
  • Rising minimum wage
  • Equipment
  • Utilities
  • Turnover
  • Training
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Quality 


When you outsource your customer support and dispatching to Pac Biz you get a high quality team, with everything they need to succeed included. Pac Biz agents are experienced, with supervisors, account managers, a robust training department, and regular quality assurance scoring.

Pac Biz clients reported significant savings in annual overhead costs ($250k+ difference). This dramatic drop in expense allows businesses to drive growth and free up budget for expansion and marketing endeavors.

Drive Your Transportation Company into the Fast Lane

If you own a transportation company, leave the call center business to the specialists at Pac Biz. Focus on growing your operations. When you work with Pac Biz, you can add agents as needed. Backup agents that are trained for your account are at the ready, in case you have in-house dispatchers or agents call in sick, are on vacation, no-shows, holidays, or seasonal increases in demand. 

Trusted by transportation businesses throughout The US, UK, Canada, and expanding to Australia. 

Let’s Get in Touch

I’m Eric Mulvin, founder of Pac Biz outsourcing services. Let’s set a time to talk about what we do for companies around the world.

Eric Mulvin
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Founder + CEO of Pac Biz

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