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Can Medical Businesses Outsource Inbound Calls & Chats?

Medical establishments struggle with accommodating the countless phone calls and chats coming in from patients, their families, providers, and others. When they are left unanswered or put on hold for long periods of time, it can diminish brand trust, and even affect health if answers are needed quickly. Can Medical Businesses Outsource Inbound Calls & […]

How to Choose a HIPAA Compliant Call Center

A HIPAA Compliant Call Center is a call answering service provider that specializes in customer support for patients. Healthcare related businesses that might handle private patient information through phone, chat, or other platforms must only work with call centers or BPOs that are certified according to HIPAA standards by an accredited inspector and auditor. These standards are strict to protect the privacy of patients.

Why Medical Businesses Should Outsource Customer Support

With more and more industries resorting to outsourcing for numerous reasons, it’s no surprise that even healthcare businesses are jumping in on the method. If you’re the business owner of a healthcare service, there are benefits to outsourcing certain parts of your operations.