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Three Ways Medical Businesses Use HIPAA-Compliant Call Centers

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Protect Patient Data and Information

Healthcare providers and facilities have the responsibility of keeping patient data secure. Is it possible to outsource customer support, appointment setting, follow-up surveying, triage, and other tasks that might require HIPAA compliance?

The answer is yes.

Healthcare-related companies that have to deal with patient information still benefit from outsourcing thanks to HIPAA Compliant Call Centers.

Do You Need a HIPAA-Compliant Call Center?

Why Choose a HIPAA-Compliant Call Center?

Choosing a HIPAA-compliant call center ensures confidentiality in patient data. HIPAA certification of these call centers from an accredited agency is required which entails inspection of operations and electronic security meeting industry-wide standards on electronic billing, among others.

Three Ways Medical Businesses Use HIPAA-Compliant Call Centers

1. Medical Appointments

Agents at HIPAA Compliant Call Centers are able to collect patient information needed for file, and schedule or confirm appointments for patients.

2. Triage – Optimize Workflow

A huge hurdle found when auditing processes of medical facilities, pharmacies, hospitals, provider practices, and other healthcare businesses is having higher level employees dealing with inbound calls and messages that are way below their pay grade. Many times, the inquiry is not even related to their role and they spend valuable time (that you are paying at a high rate) just to direct the patient to the right person.

HIPAA Compliant Call Centers are able to take inbound calls, chats, emails, and more to provide patients with quick answers to simple questions, follow up with patients if more info is needed, and only escalate issues to the appropriate person at the higher level role when absolutely warranted.

This allows for higher level staff to focus on high level tasks, making for a more efficient workflow and increasing productivity.

3. Patient Care Plan

When a patient is being discharged from the hospital, joining an assisted living facility, or adapting to new needs to cater to their condition, HIPAA Call Centers can help set up appointments, perform follow-ups, manage transportation, and more.

Pac Biz: A HIPAA-Compliant Call Center

Pac Biz works with medical companies in The United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.. We assist healthcare companies with remote support services for patients, all while adhering to strict HIPAA standards. 

If you’re interested in working with Pac Biz, contact us today.

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