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What is a Taxi Dispatch Call Center?

Agents of a Taxi Dispatch Call Center are able to answer incoming customer inquiries, quote wait times, dispatch drivers, schedule rides, and more. They handle customer needs in real time, with the ability to track their ride progress or contact drivers, and more.

UK Outsourcing: How Transportation & E-Commerce Businesses Outsource

According to PA Consulting Group, about 30% of UK businesses plan to outsource more by 2022. 71% of these businesses cited costs as a driving factor to outsource — but there are more things to benefit from outsourcing your customer experience management (CXM). As the holidays draw near, businesses in the E-commerce and Transportation sector may experience an increase in customer inquiry, driving call volume and tickets up.

Transportation Companies: The Need for Dynamic Solutions

Many transportation companies have invested a lot in technology in matters of operations. What you might not know is that there is a service that utilizes technology that could save you significantly in costs for customer support. As times are difficult during the pandemic, many transportation companies are looking into outsourcing to reduce costs. IMPROVING […]