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UK Outsourcing: How Transportation & E-Commerce Businesses Outsource

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According to PA Consulting Group, about 30% of UK businesses plan to outsource more by 2022. 71% of these businesses cited costs as a driving factor to outsource — but there are more things to benefit from outsourcing your customer experience management (CXM). 

As the holidays draw near, businesses in the E-commerce and Transportation sectors may experience an increase in customer inquiry, driving call volume and tickets up. 

E-commerce Trends

For the E-commerce sector alone, forecasts that sales will reach a record $910 billion globally between November and December. This 11% increase will leave unprepared business owners reeling at the overwhelming amount of consumers.

Because consumers are most likely buying gifts for their loved-ones, they tend to have a higher expectation for goods and services during the holidays. It is important to have customer service representatives (CSR) that can help manage these expectations. By giving consumers ample information about the product, and giving them opportunities to discover better deals through upsells and promos, CSRs can help increase your e-commerce store’s revenue.

Passenger Transportation Trends

The projected increase in economic activity could affect the transportation sector as well, as pandemic restrictions are lifted globally.

According to, inbound visits are projected to increase to 24 million. Although the numbers have not reached pre-pandemic levels, an upward trend is seen, and the passenger transport industry should start preparing as soon as now.


Training new, local employees to manage passenger transport fleets while also taking customer calls is difficult to take on while scaling your company for the projected industry growth. Setting up a system to receive these calls isn’t easy. Procuring equipment alone takes up a lot of resources and time. 

Find an Outsourcing Partner You Can Trust

So how do these industries solve these problems, and how do business owners decide if a BPO Company is right for them?

E-commerce Outsourcing

As a business owner, the first thing you should look for in an outsourcing partner is extensive experience in handling various E-commerce and communication platforms, such as ShopifyWooCommerce, Slack, and more. This allows for smooth onboarding and launch, so you can start outsourcing operations right away. 

In order to prepare for the increase in e-commerce activity, your partner BPO should also have multi-channel capabilities, to make sure you don’t miss potential leads and sales. Customer service representatives should also be capable of answering email, chat, and phone inquiries

Training should also come at no extra cost, and by the end of it, the CSRs should come out knowing everything about your products by heart.


Transportation Outsourcing

Transportation is a fast-paced industry that relies on call-takers that are quick on the uptake and will be able to communicate with both drivers and passengers effectively. 

There are two main things to look for in a transportation outsourcing partner: low average handle time (AHT) and high customer service satisfaction rates. Call-takers should be experienced in handling calls as fast as possible in order to pick up more calls, especially during peak season. 

Call-takers should also be trained to work well with widely used dispatch softwares like iCabbi and Taxi Caller


Both industries can benefit from an outsourcing partner that has dedicated account managers. Direct communication with the account managers and the CSR team is a huge advantage. This lowers the possibility of information being lost along the pipeline.

A BPO partner that’s focused on quality customer experience (CX) is always your best option. Pac Biz offers profitable strategies for your customer service needs. See what our clients and their customers have to say about our service »

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