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5 Secrets to Thriving in the Transportation Industry with Rideshare Competition

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Transportation Growth Through Challenges

Ridesharing has grown in popularity in recent years, posing a challenge to transportation companies all over the world. Not to mention the global health crisis.

With that in mind, how do traditional taxi companies thrive, not just survive?

1. Keeping Overhead Costs Low

Pay attention to your profit margins and find ways to increase profitability, by reducing overhead costs. Taxi companies in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia save significantly in annual payroll, equipment, benefits, and more when they outsource dispatching and customer support.

Hiring entry level employees for dispatching and customer support in-house leaves your company vulnerable to high turnover rates, which is very costly in the long run. The world’s top transportation companies outsource not only for the cost savings, but also because you get higher quality performance with lower costs. Request a Demo >>

2. Looking for Opportunities Around Business Transportation

There are many opportunities that exist for transportation companies that ridesharing companies are unable to accommodate. If you don’t already, make sure your company explores and pursues transportation needs for corporate clients. Hospitals and medical offices, for instance, need non-emergency medical transportation.

Companies or hotels may require special event or conference transportation, regular transportation for guests, employees or clients. School districts also benefit from transportation services, giving students and faculty rides.

3. Marketing What Sets You Apart

What sets your transportation business apart from well-known ridesharing companies? Highlight your vehicles, maintenance, that fact that you are local, and tell a story of the benefits of choosing your service over ride sharing apps. Having drivers who are certified, trained, and drug-tested can give you an edge above others. Build up your business reputation by offering a reward points system, etc.

Not doing any marketing or need help developing a strategy? Work with a company that specializes in marketing for transportation to build brand recognition, paid advertising, and email marketing.

4. Recruiting the Best Drivers in Town

Invest in your drivers. Keeping your drivers happy, along with providing them with the resources they need to succeed will take you far. Many people are leaving the ride sharing apps to drive for local transportation companies, simply for better pay and consideration from management.

Set up a training program to ensure your drivers are working at a higher standard and set up an incentive program for rewarding performance.

5. Keeping Up With Technology

With ridesharing services taking advantage of online booking and app development, taxi companies should do the same. Cloud dispatching technology, cashless payments, and online live management, among others, will all definitely help you keep up and thrive in the transportation industry, with rideshare.

Develop an app or join an existing platform for customers to use your service with ease.

Pac Biz Works With Taxi Transportation Companies

For call center services, dispatching, and other services for transportation, Pac Biz assists taxi companies in The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia in handling customer support, 24/7. With the help of Pac Biz, you’re able to grow your profit margin by up to 400% all while offering an excellent customer experience.

If you’re interested in working with Pac Biz, contact us.

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