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Pac Biz Foresight: Outsourcing in 2021 and Beyond

Outsourcing in 2021 is Certainly Promising for Pac Biz


The world of outsourcing has grown over the years and will continue to do so. With the unexpected turn of events in 2020 however, could there still be an optimistic outlook for outsourcing in 2021?


At Pac Biz, we’ve made sure to put extra measures in place to guarantee only positive results for businesses outsourcing not only in the new year, but also in the years to come. We’ve worked on plans and procedures in the direction that we’re taking to ensure that we keep up with the business world after the challenges of what will forever be a memorable 2020.

2020: The Year That Was

Pac Biz was not excluded from having to make adjustments in its work arrangements. Considering the lockdowns and quarantine measures that have been put in place due to COVID-19, resulting in protocols for a safer and remote work environment, it’s no small wonder that there have been disruptions in operations.


However that may be, Pac Biz geared itself towards helping businesses bounce back from the impact of the global health crisis. While it truly was an unanticipated turn of the tides for Pac Biz, the company remains ever focused on growth and sustainability, especially for the clients and their customers who have been with Pac Biz since the beginning and those who only signed up that year.

The Move Towards Healthcare Clients

Pac Biz has been working hard to serve healthcare clients, having recently obtained a HIPAA certification which allows the company to collect data from patients as it’s proven to be compliant in ensuring that the data will be kept private.

BPOs Bouncing Back

With the entire world affected by COVID-19, it’s no surprise that BPOs have taken a huge hit. It’s good to know though that the BPO industry is positioned to normalize or even scale further in the long term. As BPOs are some of the major economic drivers in the Philippines, the country is bound to focus on restoring it after the impact of the pandemic, with a projected growth of 7%.

Shifting Towards the New Normal

With effective vaccines still a topic of discussion, it’s essential for businesses to implement new normal measures to keep employees, clients, and customers alike safe. Pac Biz has been doing so since the start of the pandemic and, while the world still aims to attain immunity against COVID-19, will continue to do so.

Pac Biz Poised to Grow Further

With the Philippine government prioritizing to keep BPOs functional, Pac Biz will continue to scale and serve its clients with customer support solutions and more, as it has always done. Pac Biz has a far more optimistic outlook for 2021 than ever before, regardless of the year that was.

If you’d like to outsource with Pac Biz, sign up with us today!

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