VIDEO: Why Taxi Companies Love Working with Pac Biz

Without a personal vehicle, getting around East London streets might be a challenge for anyone. Les Chapman has always been giving South London a professional, fast and efficient taxi solution thus making Data Cars East London’s largest minicab company. Together with the growth of his business, are limitless calls and inquiries from clients and drivers. Data Cars needed the manpower to take these calls.


For 18 months, Les tried to solve this problem by trying to recruit call-takers. But he was faced with a major hurdle. “Cost was not the major one, I think it was the problems of staff in the UK. We recruited non-stop and we couldn’t just get anybody,” Les said. He needs a solution provider that is at par with the services he offers. For many taxi companies, the same problem arises when they reach a certain point of growth. To keep up with the demand, many companies turn to off-shore call centers for help.


After getting a tip from a colleague, Les reached out to Pac Biz to onboard the support department of his business. It’s just about cutting costs. Outsourcing enables companies to focus on their services, rather than taking on the tedious process of recruitment. Pac Biz was able to hire and train call-takers without difficulty, effectively lifting the burden from Data Cars’ UK staff.


Pac Biz invited Les for a site tour in our main office in Dumaguete Philippines. During the tour, Les observed how flexible and professional  Pac Biz employees are. “It is quite interesting to watch how professional it is here…the call takers are happy to deal with the people in the UK,” Les said.  “We haven’t got to put up with the problems with the staff here so we sort of have passed that problem over,” he added. Eric then laughingly responded, “Were happy to take it!” Pac Biz has been working with Les since September and continues to support the business until now.

A growing company like Data Cars need solutions to scale. Pac Biz offers 24/7 support to businesses both big and small. View our services to learn more.

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