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Five Most Commonly Outsourced Business Services

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Offshore Teams Can Handle Many Business Services

Many businesses have turned to outsourcing when it comes to certain corporate tasks. The end goal is for the business to be able to manage the core elements of their operations more effectively and efficiently, all while saving on costs. While your costs decrease, you benefit from better performance & quality when you work with Pac Biz.

Here are the top 5 areas of a business commonly entrusted to offshore teams. 

1. Customer Support

This should be of no surprise to most people. Hiring and training a team of local support representatives can be unfavorable for a business in terms of costs, so working with an offshore call center is often the wiser option.

Outsourcing customer support has since become a popular option for E-commerce businesses, medical establishments, and in the transportation dispatch companies due in part to the amount they save in labor expenses as well as the quality of customer experience.

2. Chat Support

Companies of all sizes can show significant growth through improved customer experience by simply offering their customers chat support through outsourcing. Get customer questions answered immediately, provide quotes and process orders before they take their business elsewhere. Just think about how you’d like your experience to go if you were in their shoes. 

3. Healthcare Services

Many medical facilities and offices utilize outsourcing for appointment setting, data entry, follow ups, or reminders via voice, chat, text, email, and more.

Outsourcing allows healthcare providers to provide patients with an experience that makes them feel their needs are being addressed and valued.

4. Data Entry

Routine data entry tasks of a business, such as indexing, scanning, virtual assistance, and appointment management are frequently outsourced to teams abroad. Doing so allows businesses to save on the costs of hiring and training local data entry specialists.

5. IT Services

Oftentimes, inquires to IT Teams are simple and high level specialists are dealing with issues that are below their pay grade, which is not cost effective.

IT companies and departments worldwide are outsourcing their incoming tickets to remote agents that are specially trained to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, only escalating higher level issues (which in the end can mean significant cuts in overhead costs).

Whatever kind of service it is that your business needs outsourced, doing this is now easier than ever. There are diverse teams trained to handle certain functions of your operations so that you can focus on the core aspects of your business. If you want to know whether or not outsourcing is for you, it’s worth giving it a try.

Outsourcing With Pac Biz

Outsourcing services like customer support, data entry, and even IT help desk and HIPAA-compliant healthcare services, among others, is smooth and easy with Pac Biz.

We’re here to help you scale your business tenfold with solutions that will allow you to simply focus on the core of your operations. We can help you yield a larger profit in the long run.

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