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How to Balance Quality and Costs in Customer Service

Get top-quality customer service with outsourcing.

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Business owners struggle with hiring in-house, usually entry-level customer service representatives that bring issues in quality like low motivation, purposely dropping calls, limited experience, difficult to manage, and subpar customer experience. These undesirable qualities, plus the costs for them to operate (benefits, equipment, no-shows, etc), can bring overhead costs significantly higher than they need to be. To avoid these problems, companies big and small outsource their customer service to premium quality customer service experts like Pac Biz.

Quality vs. Costs: Is There Any Need to Compromise?

Although many businesses have found cost-saving solutions for their operations by outsourcing customer representatives, growing companies should always consider the quality of work that contact center representatives produce. Many make the mistake of letting costs completely drive their decision making, when the quality of services should be considered.

What Businesses Should Look for in Quality When Outsourcing Customer Support:

1.) What the Standards Are

When building quality customer experience, make sure you work with a customer support team that emphasizes on quality and is always expected to meet high standards. Pac Biz regularly rates their agent–customer calls and keeps track of work quality through QA scores to keep performance high. Pac Biz agents often surpass in-house representatives, with clients frequently asking us to score their onsite team.

2.) The Amount of Support Agents Get

With the necessary resources that agents have at their disposal, it’s easier for them to provide excellent customer service. Pac Biz puts importance on training, calibrating a certain standard to ensure that agents meet expectations. Supervisors and quality assurance specialists are also there at the ready for maximum efficiency and to maintain quality performance.

Pac Biz also puts focus on its company culture to make agents feel valued, giving them a boost toward success, and these agents work with dedicated account managers as a way to convey clients’ messages.

3.) How Open Communication Is

Transparency is important in outsourcing, especially when communicating with in-house teams regarding issues, questions, and plenty of other concerns. Pac Biz always creates that sense of transparency between clients. Since the owner is based in Phoenix, AZ, clients also have easy access whenever needed.

4.) The Values That Outsourcing Companies Hold

The values of a business can dictate how the company works as a whole. Pac Biz’s core values start with treating every client as if they are family, having a sense of compassion toward customer needs, fostering teamwork to further optimize performance and closeness, showing respect and maintaining professionalism when dealing with others, and embracing personal growth to maximize agent potential.

In outsourcing, reducing costs is simply one priority but it should never be at the expense of quality. By prioritizing customer satisfaction while finding reasonable pricing, businesses will reap the financial and growth benefits of outsourcing, all while retaining customers and gaining new ones, allowing you to balance out quality and costs.

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Outsource Live Chat Solutions With Pac Biz

When shopping for an outsourcing partner, be sure to assess the quality of the services, for you get what you pay for and “deals” that seem too good to be true, probably are. Your customer support is the main point of contact with your customers & clients, and poor performance from a bad support company can cost you in customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


For high quality customer service, Pac Biz is here as your outsourcing partner, eager to help you with cost-cutting solutions, saving you up to 200% in annual payroll costs, while retaining the quality of work that our well-trained 24/7 agents are known for. Grow your business and expand further by working with Pac Biz.

New to outsourcing? How do we get started? Many clients start with 1–4 agents and add on as they grow, get comfortable, and see how much easier it is than managing in-house.

Contact us so we can talk about how we can grow your business.

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