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How Outsourcing Customer Calls, Emails, and Chat Answering Helps in Business Growth

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Outsourcing Calls, Emails, and Chat is the Next Best Move Businesses Can Take

With a variety of platforms available to customers for engaging with businesses, asking questions or concerns, it’s no small wonder why companies outsource inbound customer support. These roles, that directly interact with potential/existing customers, are important, yet many companies struggle with constant turnover and increased costs when hiring in-house, entry level employees.

How does outsourcing inbound customer communication help with businesses looking to scale or improve customer experience?

Scale Manpower

Businesses may be growing or expanding, needing additional manpower, often forcing them to front pay for additional wages, benefits, equipment and more. When companies grow, especially when they acquire smaller companies, maintaining a contact center and keeping quality can be a major struggle. 


When you outsource with a company like Pac Biz, you can avoid the headache of hiring, training and supervising often low-quality, entry-level employees. Pay a low monthly rate for full-time, dedicated agents that are provided all the resources and equipment to succeed.

Outsourcing Corporate Calls, Email, and Chat

What are the most common issues for businesses’ customer support?
  • Missed Calls
    • Every time you miss a call, you potentially miss a lead or sale. It’s as simple as having 24/7 coverage. 

Pac Biz Outsourcing offers 24/7 coverage, 365/year.

  • Quality
    • In most cases, businesses hire entry-level applicants as customer service representatives (CSRs) with no prior experience, requiring intensive training and correction. Pac Biz Agents 

Pac Biz Agents must have 3-5 years prior experience with US, UK, Canada clients. 

Pac Biz Quality Assurance (QA) Team scores calls regularly to ensure high standards are upheld. (Some clients request the QA Team to score their in-house team as Pac Biz Agents outperform).

Call Calibration: Clients score calls versus QA Team and compare, to ensure standards are met.

  • Cost Effective
    • Significant costs go into hiring and maintaining your own contact center. Business owners are amazed to find the overhead costs that come with managing employees.

Businesses that work with Pac Biz can save over $250k in annual payroll costs, just by switching over some/all staffing to outsourcing. Learn More >>

The Expertise

When outsourcing calls, emails, social media and chats with Pac Biz, you’re sure to have agents who are focused and well-trained in various aspects of customer service, specializing in many industries. Now, it’s easier to engage with your customers with the help of quality agents to assist, allowing you to focus on your most important operational needs.

How Pac Biz Can Help

Pac Biz has agents of different expertise available to help you 24/7. Whether it’s for taking calls, answering emails, or replying to chat queries, Pac Biz is here to offset operational challenges to ensure that you are able to scale your business to up to 400%. With the outsourcing solutions that Pac Biz offers, you can finally focus on growing your business tenfold.

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