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Why Taxi and Transportation Companies Should Outsource Contact Agents

Outsourcing Your Taxi and Transportation Business Gives You Plenty of Advantages

Hoping to scale your taxi and transportation business this year but you’re still having trouble keeping up with dispatching and the like? Outsourcing professional 24/7 agents to handle certain parts of your business allows you to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing your taxi and transportation business.

Much Better Productivity

Managing taxi and transportation operations involves numerous processes between operations, taxi drivers, customer service, and more. Outsourcing parts of your daily operations, like dispatch and customer service ‘round the clock will help in allowing taxi and transport company owners to focus budget towards higher level positions and investments, rather than dealing with constant turnover & equipment costs of entry-level customer service reps

Quality Results

Outsourced agents go through rigorous training in order to meet your company’s standards, and improve customer experience (CX). Agents are often supervised by quality assurance experts and managers, ensuring that customer support will always remain top notch, never veering far from your company vision, but instead, pushing it forward. Pac Biz agents often outscore the company’s in-house, low-level counterparts and companies have Pac Biz’ Quality Assurance (QA) Team score their local employees to improve their quality.

Better Analysis of Performance

While you will get better results for your taxi and transportation company, it’s natural to be concerned about overall performance. To mitigate errors and to ensure that agents are up to standard, you will get detailed reports on performance and progress regularly.

A Simplified Process

To put it into perspective, working with an outsourcing company like Pac Biz takes a load off of your operations. Pac Biz will be handling every aspect of your company’s customer experience, streamlining processes on your end, maximizing your profits and saving you on labor expenses as a result. Outsourcing with us covers training, management, benefits, and quality assurance for a flat monthly rate!

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Pac Biz’s Taxi Webinar

If you’re a taxi and transportation owner or operator looking to streamline your work process and get rid of all the chaos involved in operating a taxi business in 2021, we invite you to a webinar on the 20th of January, 2021 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST. 

This event is exclusive for Transportation Alliance Members who wish to acquire new companies, expand into new territories, enhance customer experience, or add new lines of businesses like medical transportation, while being able to bid contracts that require plans for an influx of calls.

If you’re interested in joining Pac Biz’s webinar, save your seat today!

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