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Setting & Executing 2021 Profitability Goals: Cost Effective Customer Support Services Through Outsourcing

Get top-quality customer service with outsourcing.

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Reach Profitability Goals by Executing Outsourcing Process

With the recent turn of events in 2020, many businesses are recovering and are trying to take steps to execute goals and maximize profitability. Business owners and operations executives are looking into various lower-cost solutions than what they currently have to achieve reduced overhead, allowing more opportunity for growth.

Customer Service

How a business invests in their customer support services can make or break growth potential. When businesses focus on costs, quality can be detrimental to your customer satisfaction and workflow. 

For the most part, businesses hire entry-level employees for customer service. While this may seem like a good idea when it comes to cost savings, many business managers realize that this comes with many additional costs like constant turnover (training/hiring costs), low quality performance (losing customers/sales), toxic personalities (bringing down motivation), benefits, and more.

On the other hand, in-house representatives with higher skill level will bring costs higher than desired in budget. There must be a solution that is cost effective, yet high quality. So the main questions is, how have companies worldwide cut costs without cutting quality in customer support?

Cost Effective Customer Support Solutions

The simple answer is Outsourcing.

Outsourcing customer support is easier than many expect and the rewards hold high value. Companies that turn to outsourcing for some or all of their customer support needs are relieved of many financial responsibilities that come with hiring in-house, and are able to easily scale when the business demands more manpower.

Increasing Profitability

A major goal of business is maximizing your profits. Businesses that implement outsourcing customer support see significant changes in payroll costs when compared to in-house management of support representatives.

This is due to the fact that businesses are no longer responsible for:

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Supervision
  • Management
  • Equipment Costs (Computers, phones, chairs, internet, electricity, rent, etc.)
  • Benefits Costs (Medical, Dental, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment, etc.)
  • HR Incidents (workplace politics, employee complaints, etc.)
When you partner with a customer support service provider, like Pac Biz, you pay a low monthly rate for dedicated agents to answer your customer calls, chat, email, social media, and more. Even better, you can have them trained to do other remote tasks such as data entry and reports.

Better Customer Experience

Your customer support representatives are oftentimes the first point of contact with your potential and existing customers. When you hire entry-level representatives that have little or no experience you’re risking losing customers. 

Working with a customer experience centered support team like Pac Biz, not only cuts costs but provides you with dedicated agents that have experience (minimum 3–5 years). Pac Biz agents are monitored by a supervisor, account manager, quality assurance (QA) team, IT team, and more — driving continuous improvement in performance.

Set 2021 Profitability Goals With Pac Biz

If you’re looking to maximize your profits, Pac Biz can help you attain your goals with quality customer service and excellent customer experience through outsourcing. It’s much easier to outsource with Pac Biz to help you achieve your goals and scale your business as a whole. American-owned, you can trust the quality and integrity of Pac Biz support services.

Scale your business with the help of Pac Biz. We provide outsourcing solutions for customer service, with representatives who are available 24/7. Gain up to 400% in profits by outsourcing with Pac Biz for your customer service needs.

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