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How Ecommerce & Retail Businesses Prepare for the Holiday Surge

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Providing a More Enjoyable Holiday Shopping Experience

The holidays are fast approaching. This means that retail outlets and online stores are preparing for the surge in customer purchase, inquiries, complaints, and more. 

How do they handle the massive influx of online purchases during the holiday season?

The answer can be simple. Analyze your business’s points of contact with the customers. Make sure every customer experience is optimized for handling the sudden surge of inbound inquiries, where no question or concern is left unaddressed.

How do your customers experience a purchase (and how can you optimize)?

Observe your customer journey for any flaws and make improvements. When you are getting simultaneously hit with inbound questions, returns, and concerns  how will your company handle it?

1. Phone Support

Using the right phone systems and providing services, 24/7 if possible, can optimize the customers’ phone support experience. You need agents that provide quality solutions that customers need. 

2. Chat Support

Although automated chatbots are widely used, nothing beats a more personalized approach with live agents. A human behind chat support allows for building rapport and better problem-solving, as well as easier recognition of issues and greater chances of closing sales. 

3. Email Support

Customers may opt to contact your business through filling out forms on the website or emailing the company support email address. It is a common occurrence for customers to move on to another company when their inquiries go unanswered. 

4. Social Media

Customers are more active on social media than ever before. Companies can take advantage of this by ensuring that they answer queries and concerns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Social media is much more accessible to everyone and social platforms allow an easy channel for customers to ask questions or voice concerns.

Support systems such as the above are not only useful during the holiday season surge, but they also allow you to scale your business throughout the year. Pac Biz offers round-the-clock, dedicated call center agents to address your needs, where you don’t need to worry about in-house employee costs like benefits, high wages, low quality, equipment, utilities and more!

Ecommerce Businesses Trust Pac Biz

Pac Biz works with ecommerce companies in The United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, offering customer support 24/7 with well-trained and experienced agents. We are an American-Owned company focused on providing quality support services globally.

One of Our Success Stories:

San Diego, CA, USA Health Supplement Company: Hybrid In-House & Outsource to Pac Biz. Continuously adding agents with growth throughout the year. Holiday seasonal increase of 12+ agents per year (more every year).

What makes us different? We provide our agents with the resources they need to succeed. Each Pac Biz agent is supported by our training dept, quality assurance team, supervisors, and managers. 

Looking to outsource customer support this holiday season? Contact Pac Biz now.

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