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2 Tasks Ecommerce Businesses Can Outsource

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Outsourcing Essentials of E-commerce

E-Commerce is a kind of business with a low barrier to entry but outsourcing is necessary for a budding startup to scale operations and keep costs down. And making sure your expenses stay low is a prerequisite for staying afloat in the world of e-commerce. Here, we’ll look at two of the most essential tasks to outsource to help you save on labor costs and facilities.

Customer Service

When you start out on your e-commerce journey, it’s relatively easy to handle customer questions, complaints, and concerns. However, when it’s time to scale your business, this effort can bog you down and severely hamper your growth.

Enter: customer service outsourcing!

Here is an e-commerce solution that is cost-effective and modular. The advantage of outsourcing customer services lies in the fact that there would be no downtime needed for you to train in-house staff to handle the task, nor will you have to deal with the regulatory red tape needed for each employee.

And what makes outsourcing truly essential in volatile e-commerce markets is the fact that, when business is slow, you can scale down the number of agents you have without the hassle of regulations, negotiations, and emotions that come with in-house.

To really make the most out of customer service outsourcing, you’ll have to do a cost-benefit analysis with yourself and your team and the needs of your business and find an outsourcing service provider with the right kind of expertise and one that can tailor their services to the exigencies of your business like Pac Biz.

The question now is what are the factors to consider? When it comes to outsourcing quality, we discuss it further here: How to Balance Quality and Costs in Customer Service

Data Entry

A lot of what’s been said about customer service also applies when talking about outsourcing data entry tasks in e-commerce.

Expansion in an e-commerce business often includes a lot of updates on product categories, descriptions, inventory, and much more. While technically simple, it is easy to see that it can get overwhelming and hamper growth when done without a system prepared. Outsourcing this type of task makes the most sense since focusing on it takes away from the bigger picture of growing and developing.

Main Takeaways

To be sure, there are more tasks that can be outsourced in e-commerce than customer service and data entry, but these two are the most essential when it comes to scaling your business.

Pac-Biz provides all the benefits and more on these two tasks, letting you operate and expand quickly, while saving time, and without wiping out margins because of the accumulated experience and expertise and full support.

Pac-Biz has experienced agents and reasonable rates and good turnaround times to ticket processing and more.

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