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Whether you’re starting out in the taxi business or looking to scale your operations, outsourcing is an indispensable tool that can help you achieve your business goals faster. Customer service leaves a significant impact on your business, that’s why every taxi business owner needs to know how to outsource taxi dispatch services.

About Taxi Dispatch Services

How does outsourcing taxi dispatch services work, and why is it important? Outsourcing taxi dispatch services can be as simple as partnering with a contact center to help answer your booking calls. Some services come with driver support, lost and found services, and extended customer support.

Having a team of experienced customer experience agents helps keep the quality of calls, bookings, and customer support up to standard.

How to Outsource Taxi Dispatch Services

Specialized Contact Centers

The first step is to find a good contact center that specializes in your industry. A quick look at the company’s client portfolio and their years of experience would be a good place to start.

Experience with Dispatch Softwares

For most taxi companies, a contact center that has extensive experience in working with dispatch software like iCabbi and TaxiCaller would be beneficial, as it would cut down the training time needed for agents and fast-track the start of operations.

Set Up Multi-Channel Systems

A contact center that supports multi-channel systems (chat, email, and voice) will also help taxi companies cover all bases and make sure their customers can reach them easily.

Quality Assurance

Every customer support team needs quality assurance and proper management – but this doesn’t have to come with extra cost and training time. It’s important to choose a contact center that has an established quality team, without you needing to pay for extra.

Month-to-month agreements

The beauty of working with contact center with month-to-month agreements is that you can customize the extent of their service based on your business needs. It also compels the contact center to make sure they deliver what you’re looking for and keep that standard going every term.

Outsource Taxi Dispatch Services with Pac Biz

Pac Biz has worked with many taxi companies over the years, with robust systems built to adapt to the ever changing landscape of customer service. Serving the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer experience for your taxi company.

Eric Mulvin

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Founder + CEO of Pac Biz

Let’s Get in Touch

Hi, I’m Eric Mulvin, founder and owner of Pac Biz, and we are happy to solve your transportation company’s pain points in customer support. We have contact center agents ready to serve your needs.

I am free to go over the potential that exists with making your booking and dispatching service company thrive through improved workflows and better management of support.

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