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Outsourcing Call & Chat Answering to Offshore Contact Center

Kickstarting Exponential Growth with Pac Biz Contact Center Outsourcing

As technology becomes more accessible, digital consumers become discerning. The way you handle CX can greatly influence their decision-making. At Pac Biz, we help e-commerce businesses maintain the quality of their CX as they scale up in an increasingly globalized world.

One way to significantly improve a company’s CX is by outsourcing call and chat answering. Here’s a look at how this type of solution can kickstart your business’s growth, and how Pac Biz can be of service for businesses looking to scale up their operations.

Outsourcing Customer Service Solutions

With the endless advancement that technology presents, offshore customer service solutions are also continuously improving.

From small- and medium-sized businesses to large corporations, they are now leveraging customer service provided by offshore contact center, like Pac Biz.

Agents in the Philippines - Live Chat Outsourcing

They do this to offload countless tasks, easing their overall operations and allowing them to focus more on their core business. These solutions are catered to meet customer needs, making sure that clients are always satisfied.

Choosing to outsource call and chat answering services can help with the following issues or pain points that e-commerce businesses typically face.

E-commerce Pain Points

Here are some examples of the common challenges faced by e-commerce businesses. These issues can be easily solved by working with the right outsourcing partner or offshore contact center:

  • Missed calls and chats
  • Subpar customer service
  • Seasonal increases in inquiries
  • Staffing problems
  • Huge overhead costs
  • Difficulty in hiring and training staff
  • High turnover rates
  • Compliance issues (HIPAA)
  • High cost of local labor
  • Having no time to focus building your brand and core competencies
  • Spending too much time on repetitive tasks

Through outsourcing, you get to maximize your time and focus more on your business rather than keeping up with mundane tasks.

We also work with a variety of industries. Here’s How Top Taxi/NEMT Companies in the UK Outsource Controllers.

agent coaching, pb-test-and-training

Advantages of working with Pac Biz Contact Center Outsourcing

An offshore call center like Pac Biz helps to humanize your interactions and business relationships, while automated responses tend to be repetitive and lacking in sincerity.

All in all, outsourcing calls and chats to a company that specializes in these areas helps you sustain meaningful connections with everyone you do business with. An unfailing customer service is key to strengthening communication with consumers, and increasing sales.

Ways calls and chats for e-commerce increase sales:

  • Decreases response time
  • Provides guided shopping experience
  • Meet customer’s needs
  • Serves as a consultation channel for services
  • Avoids negative reviews with quality customer service

Curious about outsourcing? Learn more about the Do’s & Don’ts of Outsourcing Customer Support.

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Get Started with Pac Biz

Outsourcing calls and chat may seem simple to those who are starting out, but once put in place, it becomes a powerful tool for scaling your business operations. Have a look at our other solutions and you might find something you feel is more suited to your business.

No more fretting about a high turnover, or training agents. At Pac Biz, you only get a dedicated team with years of experience in their respective industries. Get in touch or schedule a meeting with us, and we’ll work together through your pain points

Eric Mulvin

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Founder + CEO of Pac Biz

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Hi, I’m Eric Mulvin, founder and owner of Pac Biz, and we are happy to solve your company’s pain points in customer support. We have contact center agents ready to serve your needs.

I am free to go over the potential that exists with making your company thrive through improved workflows and better management of support.

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