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How Outsourcing Creates More Jobs

How Outsourcing Creates More Jobs


How Outsourcing Creates More Jobs

Pac Biz Premium Call Center Services helps business around the World SCALE by outsourcing agents with ease.

Outsourcing is a great solution for business woes that, in turn, helps the workforce and boosts the job market. How does outsourcing create more jobs? It provides benefits for jobseekers and communities both local and offshore.

Outsourcing Allows Businesses to Pay Higher Wages to Local Workers

When companies outsource jobs, it results in increased productivity, bringing in more growth, which allows for businesses to provide more for local employees. Outsourcing is the secret weapon of Today’s thriving companies, where costs on entry level positions are driven down- with the avoidance of constant turnover costs (training, benefits, resources).

Growing companies utilize this resource and maximize productivity as their local & offshore teams work together to bring forth the best results. With the savings in payroll for your outsourced employees, you are able to make room in your budget to obtain better local prospects with higher salary offers.

An article published by The Telegraph UK explains that, “a more productive firm can pay higher wages to the remaining workers, and hire more local employees in different types of occupations than those offshored.”

Pac Biz agents are evaluated weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly, in order to assess and improve agents’ performance.

Outsourcing Allows Businesses to Achieve Rapid Growth

When companies are developing strategies for growth goals, outsourcing may be the only option to afford the opportunities that may be presented. For example, a company might be in a position where they would be nearing capacity, and cannot handle more incoming business. They may not have room in the budget to hire new employees at a $50k annual salary, but they may be able to swing employees at $20k, with some local employees at $50k. 


This is just one example of how outsourcing can bring forth more jobs in the local market. Jobs that would not exist without outsourcing.

Scaling your business is important if you want to stay in the game. Schedule a meeting with Kelsey in our New Accounts Department, and let’s get to work!

Outsourcing Provides Relatively Higher Pay to Outsourced Workers

It’s a common misconception, thinking that outsourced workers are underpaid. Although offshore workers are paid lower than local workers, consider the cost of living of offshore workers, and then you will realize that you’re actually paying them better than what they would normally get in where they live. Not only are you providing a better living to your local employees, but you are also providing a great salary for your offshore employees. Outsourcing is really a win-win-win (local, offshore, profits) situation.

Build a Team, Focus on Higher Skilled Tasks

As businesses grow there is a natural need for more staff. Allocation of costs allow businesses to achieve sustainable growth, with competitive pay for higher skilled roles. Even small businesses benefit from outsourcing. As small businesses are striving for new clients and projects, manpower can make all the difference. Building an offshore team, at a fraction of the cost of local employees, enables more work to be completed, and profits to rise- bringing more opportunities and growth. More profits means more money to use to get highly skilled employees to help improve your product/service.

Outsource With Pac Biz

If you want to get ahead in business, get in touch with us. Pac Biz is American Owned, with high standards of expectations from our agents. Schedule a meeting with Pac Biz today and let’s get started. Get a breakdown of the step-by-step process of how to bring in offshore team members. Our training department works with you and your local team to provide a smooth transition. We can get you in touch with some of our clients for referrals.

Work with us today for quality call center services for transportation, ecommerce, & other growing industries. Pac Biz is an American Owned Company, working with global business from the US, UK, Canada, and more! Let’s get started!

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Pac Biz Premium Call Center Services helps business around the World SCALE by outsourcing agents with ease.