Pac Biz is a inbound call company, based in Phoenix, AZ, USA, with agents in Dumaguete, Philippines.

The premium call center you’ve been looking for!

24/7 Customer Support Services
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Overflow After-Hours Phone Support

Tired of missing phone calls for your business and missing out on new customers?

Or maybe you are paying a full time employee to take just a hand full of calls during their shift? Do you need calls answered 24/7 and are trying to cut costs on the overnight shifts or weekend shifts with low call volume? Do you need a mix of dedicated agents during the day and something that fits your budget better for nights and weekends? Do you need emails or social media responses answered immediately? 

Introducing Pac Biz After Hours and Overflow Contact Center Support! 

Pay a flat monthly rate and choose the package that matches up with how many minutes you can use a month. We allow complete flexibility and let you move between packages which help with the seasonality of your business. 

Regardless of what package you select, you always get a dedicated Account Manager at Pac Biz that works Monday-Friday during your business hours and is there to make sure you are happy with how your calls/emails/chats are being answered. 

If your business scales and grows, work with your account manager and bring on a dedicated call center agent who only takes calls for your business, assigned 40 hours a week. 

Want to learn more on how you can start offering your customers better support while reducing expenses? Schedule a call with us today: