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Do You Need Live Chat & Phone Systems for Your Ecommerce Business?

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Proving Fast and Convenient Customer Support

Live chat or phone systems—which is better for your business? The truth is that both of them can work together for your ecommerce venture. In fact, it’s beneficial to offer customers and clients both, further pushing for more conversions and closed sales.

Take a look at a few reasons chat and phone support are important in running a successful Ecommerce business:

More Efficient Conversions

Live chat and phone support improves overall customer experience, which is an important part of customer service. Skilled agents are effective in speeding up decision-making on purchases by providing answers in a timely manner.

Better Customer Experience Versus AI

When customers engage with live chat and call support, versus automated bots, they feel more open to ask more questions resulting in a more pleasant experience. There are many customers who dislike going through AI prompts of phone systems and usually dial zero as soon as possible.

Having a quality customer service experience can make all the difference in customers’ brand trust. It is common for companies that utilize AI prompt call automation to also provide voice support options for their customers.

You’ll Discover Customer Pain Points

Customers can easily communicate with call or chat agents and tell them about specific concerns that have become common. This is a great way to uncover any growing problems with your product or service, making it easier for you to address it with a solution.

Your Business Will Have Access to Reports and Analytics

Think about how many customers that agents will interact with. You can track how well your different products are selling, where you can adjust your marketing via data-driven decisions based on results.

Lower Overhead Costs with Outsourcing

Businesses look to outsource inbound calls to companies like Pac Biz, where professional agents specialize in premium customer service, without the headache of running a call center in-house. They also benefit significantly from eliminating costs associated with high turnover. Think about how much companies lose every time an entry level employee quits or is fired (hiring, training, equipment, retraining, benefits, etc.). Outsourcing allows companies to scale with ease.

The savings in payroll costs is significant in your ecommerce business’ profitability and ability to grow, past your competition.

Trust Pac Biz for Premium Customer Support

With live chat and call center solutions, Pac Biz allows you to scale your business, focus on its fundamental aspects, and free up space in your budget for re-investing in your company (rather than purging money into the vicious turnover cycle of costly entry level employees). If you believe growth is on the horizon, Pac Biz provides the resources to help you reach your goals.

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