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Building a Successful Ecommerce Business in Five Steps

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Ecommerce has grown throughout the years from something niche into becoming an important part of everyday life. Whether you already have an online store, or are looking to break into the ecommerce world, you can benefit from knowing these 5 steps to Building a Successful Ecommerce business.

1. Look Into Competitor Ecommerce Business Models & Marketing

Regardless of the size of your ecommerce business, companies benefit from checking out what their competitors are doing. Knowing who you are up against and observing what works for successful companies is a great way to address voids in your marketing and business growth strategies.

2. Identify Your Target Market and Get Product Ideas

Come up with personas/profiles of your ideal customers and determine the best approach to connect with prospective customers. Come up with hypothetical background stories for them and how they will benefit from your products. Identifying your target market characteristics will help you envision the customer experience and even assist you in improving your products.

3. Build a Website

Now, here’s by far the most important component of an ecommerce business: a website. Building one will often involve:

  • The Ecommerce Platforms – An ecommerce platform may either be open source, software as a service (SaaS), or headless ecommerce.
  • Hosting – Cloud hosting and on-premise hosting are normally what businesses use when hosting their ecommerce site

Popular ecommerce platforms:

  • Shopify – Shopify has an extensive range of plug-ins and can handle a high amount of transactions.
  • Magento – A self-hosted solution, Magento can handle instant purchases but requires some degree of coding.
  • WooCommerce – If you have a WordPress site, WooCommerce is free to install and you can easily customize it.

Your website should be optimized for the best customer experience to make closing sales as easy as possible.

4. Connect with Customers

Does your website collect leads and close sales? There are a number of ways to increase sales online.

Chat Support

How much does live chat increase conversion rates? Chatters tend to spend 60% more per purchase according to an Invesp survey.

If a visitor engages with a live chat agent, they’re 2.8 times more likely to end up purchasing a product. In fact, 38% of customers reported making a purchase after having a good session with a live chat agent. Valuing a customer’s time and interest in your site will go a long way in converting a lead into a sale.

In the same Invesp survey, 44% of respondents stated that having questions answered in real-time during a purchase activity is the most important feature a website can offer. Adding a live chat feature on a website will typically lead to a 20% increase in conversion rates.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Phone Support

Even with with advent of technology introducing us to new ways of communicating, professional phone support continues to be as reliable as ever.

A recent survey conducted by Hiver found that 30% of Gen Z and 31% of millennials prefer using the phone over email. Unsurprisingly, 58% of people over the age of 54 prefer phone conversations when contacting customer support.

With so many customers still favoring a more personal human-to-human interaction, phone support is far from being obsolete.

Source: Tidio

5. Outsource for Increased Profits

Ecommerce businesses, big and small, utilize outsourcing to significantly decrease annual payroll costs, eliminate employee turnover costs, and relieve their need to manage local employees.

What is Outsourcing? Outsourcing is the secret weapon businesses use to easily scale. The common issues: Companies are increasing sales but cannot keep up with growth in their operations. For example, a health supplement company goes viral on social media and they cannot hire enough customer support agents for the influx of calls, chats, emails, etc. Plus, the employees they do hire are low quality (losing customers), quit, or are unreliable. 

This uphill battle is easily relieved by outsourcing customer support to a company that specializes in customer experience, like Pac Biz. With Pac Biz, you get better quality and reliability, but also get a significant decrease in annual payroll costs (allowing you to allocate budget towards investing into business growth). Ex: Medium Sized Canadian Transportation Company saved over $250k in payroll costs.

Ecommerce Support With Pac Biz

Get high-standard 24/7 ecommerce support when you outsource with Pac Biz. Our customer support team is ready to help you grow and retain your customer base, allowing you to scale your business. We calibrate our training protocol to your current expectations and monitor agent performance through scoring regularly. Easily maximize your revenue with the help of Pac Biz.

Pac Biz support agents are experienced and provide support to companies from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. When our clients grow, it’s as simple as contacting their Pac Biz account manager to request more agents. 

Contact us today and let’s talk.

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