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Best Ways to Improve Employee Retention

Best Ways to Improve Employee Retention


Best Ways to Improve Employee Retention

Why Companies Struggle with Employee Retention

Recruiting employees should be in the same weight as retaining them. What many business owners & managers often overlook is the difficulty that comes with hiring & retaining employees, especially at the entry-level. Having huge employee turnover rates puts any company at risk – apart from losing talent, it takes time and resources to hire and train for the positions left vacant.  Retaining entry-level employees can be a major struggle. What can be done to reduce turnover rates, that consequently increase costs and waste time with training and onboarding?

Our keys to success for retaining employees include: 

Open Communication

A company should establish a good channel of two-way communication. It is only in this manner that the company can truly gauge the employee’s capacity and approach to different objectives about work. 


That’s why we make sure Pac Biz agents have an open line of communication with you and your local employees, to make sure everyone is on the same page. Employees feel more valued when they communicate with management more in order to achieve company goals. 

Company Culture

Your employees are the pillars of your company, so it’s important to give them an environment where they can grow, feel safe, and have a sense of balance. Customer service representatives are on the frontline of your business, and you have to make sure they’re well taken care of. 


Our cultural activities not only gives our agents a creative outlet, but we also make sure it feeds their soul. At Pac Biz, we give back to the community as often as we hold in-office events. Whether it’s supporting a kids’ football group, or working with an orphanage, our agents always have a way to help out the local community. 

Career Opportunities and Rewards

Even when employees stay at their jobs and are moderately satisfied with what they do, there will always be a point wherein they can feel stagnant and unmotivated. This is where cultivating the employee’s potential comes in. 

Pac Biz’s training and development programs solve this problem for you. We make sure our agents have the opportunity to grow and are rewarded when they do better at work. This helps them stay motivated and diligent when they’re manning the frontlines of your company’s customer experience. 

Employee Benefits

Retention is tricky because of the overhead costs for local employees. Employees expect to have their needs valued, with health insurance, time off, and a work culture that makes them feel appreciated. When you outsource back-office and customer service, you not only save on costs, but you’ll have more time and resources to take care of your local employees. Partner with a company that is known to take care of its people. 

Agents at Pac Biz enjoy perks like discounts from local establishments, birthday freebies, and premium HMO (Health insurance) memberships. Apart from getting bonuses for top performance, they also have enough paid sick and vacation leaves for a good work-life balance.

Outsource Entry Level Positions

Pac Biz provides a solution for companies that are struggling with entry-level hiring and retention. To make sure your business has no downtime, we invest heavily in our employee retention strategy, & train back-up employees when applicable. Communication, company culture, employee benefits, and career opportunities are only a few aspects of this strategy. We believe that these programs are in line with the values and goals of all the companies we work with.

By outsourcing inbound-call taking and back-office jobs with Pac Biz, you don’t have to worry about employee retention, because it’s taken care of. Pac Biz only staffs call center agents and virtual assistants with years of experience in the BPO industry, in order to deliver quality performance. 


Our training department works with your company to set standards & expectations. Plus, managers & quality assurance personnel is included with your account. Join companies worldwide, from Canada/US to the UK, that have saved thousands on payroll & employee costs by switching to Pac Biz.

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