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5 Benefits of E-Commerce Outsourcing for Phone & Chat Answering

Starting a business doesn’t have to be starting from scratch

E-commerce outsourcing isn’t usually the first thing you think of when starting an e-commerce business, but it’s an important step. And e-commerce is growing. At year’s end, it reached $904.9 billion dollars in earnings. It’s projected to nearly double that in 5 years. So it makes sense to join in a market segment that’s still growing amid slowdowns elsewhere in the economy.

So how does e-commerce outsourcing fit? It’s a solution that isn’t just for big companies. For example, 59% of US businesses use outsourcing to reduce costs. But the benefits don’t just end there. Let’s see how e-commerce outsourcing helps out small businesses and retailers.

1. Lower Cost

When starting out in e-commerce retail, creating your own customer support system from scratch is costly in terms of time, money, and the infrastructure to set up. Outsourcing can not only save you on the cost of starting but also speed up the process since the service provider would have their own infrastructure, training, protocols, and management in place already.

Cost-Effective Call & Chat Answering Service for Your Business

2. Management Control

The standard myth is that outsourcing loosens your control of the business since the agents are not under your direct supervision. But the reality is that micromanaging can take away focus from the rest of the business. Having to balance every aspect can hinder your true level of control. Another advantage is that dedicated account managers provide supplemental management support that wouldn’t be possible with direct supervision.

3. Productivity & Efficiency

E-commerce outsourcing can increase the volume of calls handled and the resolution of more tickets. Outsourcing allows a company to have agents 24/7. This increases the response time to customer queries and complaints faster.

Outsourcing customer support lets companies increase efficiency by having a service provider with the infrastructure, resources and trained agents handle calls. This saves time by reducing the time it takes to resolve each ticket.

4. Better Customer Experience

E-commerce platform Shopify notes that: “46.75% of surveyed customers said customer service is an important part of their e-commerce experience.

But handling calls and complaints might not be the best route for a budding business owner. Offensive comments and irate calls may go under the belt or may be designed to squeeze out a concession from you.

Having the expertise to handle customer complaints and queries is something that dedicated agents have. A service provider can improve customer service and experience in many ways including speed of response, better customer engagement, and communicating in multiple channels.

5. Risk Reduction & Security

Outsourcing e-commerce support has the great benefit of reducing risk exposure. Agents with specialized skills reduce the opportunities for potential risk with insight into possible problems.

Moreover, a strong security system is required if your business is required to comply with HIPAA rules. A service provider would have a system to protect confidentiality and security in place better than most e-commerce retail startups.

Benefit from E-Commerce Outsourcing

With all these benefits, a startup can truly focus on the core elements of their business while expanding within budget, and save themselves from a lot of headache with hiring, training, regulation compliance, and so on.

Pac Biz adds more value on top of these benefits by being small business friendly. Pac Biz offers 30 day contract terms that don’t shackle you to onerous terms and conditions. Pac Biz offers a flat rate so that you don’t have to worry about all the other costs. And Pac Biz is a responsible community member with core values.

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