Appointment Setting

Our agents are available 24/7 to take appointments for your business

Why Use Pacific Business Services Appointment Scheduling?

  • 24 hour per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year scheduling availability
  • Agents work with any scheduling software
  • Every agent has over 5 years of call center experience and is college educated
  • Quality team oversees and reviews calls to preserve excellence
  • Communicate directly with your agents, managers, and American Owners

Pacific Business Services' call center has the capability to take your business' calls every hour, of every day of the year. We provide appointment scheduling services in 3 shifts per day, each agent working 8 hours per shift. By utilizing Pacific Business Services, you will be sure to get every lead and existing clients' inquiry.

The agents at Pacific Business Services receive rigorous training prior to starting with your business. We hand select your dedicated agents to fit your needs. Once you start working with us, we develop a training protocol based on your needs (and any training material you provide), which is then used by our management team to fully train all of your call takers. This saves time and costs that you may have been responsible for when hiring a new local employee.

Here at Pacific Business Services, we are proud of the fact that we only hire top-of-the-line call agents to keep quality high. Our hiring process consists of many levels in order to get the best team members for your business. First they must hold a college degree and have 5 years of call center experience before they even apply. Then, they must pass skills tests, to ensure that their English proficiency and technical skills are above average. After passing, they undergo interviews with supervisors, management, and the corporate team. The final step is the most important, they interview with clients’ management to ensure they are satisfied.

Excellence in all aspects is Pacific Business Services main objective. We understand the frustrations of dealing with incompetent or difficult employees. This is why we have a quality department in our team. The quality supervisors listen to calls full-time and work diligently to make sure call agents are performing at the highest level. They provide feedback constructively and uplift agents with praise and reward to ensure they stay motivated and excited to work. The quality team benefits are inclusive with your service, so no extra costs.

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