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Choosing a Call Center: Risk Assessment in Outsourcing

Get top-quality customer service with outsourcing.

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Exploring Common Doubts in Outsourcing Process

Top companies are turning to outsourcing for customer support, especially with the difficulties of hiring locally. Like a lot of aspects in business, the decision to utilize outsourcing is a big step, so it’s understandable to have a lot of concerns.

Here are a few of the fears business owners have when considering outsourcing:

Subpar Quality

A fear many companies have with outsourcing is that outsourced agents will not be able to perform at the level they need. Like any service, there are good and bad. It is best to find an outsourcing company that you can trust, with experienced agents and a good track record, like Pac Biz.

In many cases, business owners make the mistake of shopping for the cheapest outsourcing company. This is when they run into issues that end up being more costly, where inexperienced agents make constant mistakes with no support and negatively affect your customers’ experience.

*A Huge Thank You from Pac Biz
Why Pac Biz?
Pac Biz Support Agents Operate at High Standards: 
  • Required to be experienced (3–5 years). 
  • Pac Biz Training Department
  • Regular Quality Assurance (QA) Call Scoring
  • Supervisors & Managers

Communication Barriers

Another sore subject when thinking about outsourcing is the issues with accents or difficulty understanding outsourced agents. Outsourcing to The Philippines has become the premium choice for businesses worldwide. English is taught from childhood in The Philippines and many companies find the pronunciation and articulation of Filipinos to be more pleasant versus those from India or other countries.

Addressing Trustworthiness

A concern business owners have with outsourcing support services is working with entities in developing countries. Although outsourcing to other countries is normal in the industry, peace of mind comes with American ownership. 

Outsourcing company, Pac Biz, is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA while providing outsourced services to companies in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom from The Philippines. With open communication between agents, management and ownership allows for a chain of trust around the goal of providing great customer service.

While these are some of the fears business owners have in outsourcing, it’s important to note that Pac Biz support services provide high-quality customer support you can trust. In fact, Pac Biz agents often outperform their in-house management expectations as they are motivated and always improving with the QA (Quality Assurance) Team.

Eliminate Outsourcing Hesitations With Pac Biz

Our agents at Pac Biz have years of experience, with a management and quality assurance team at the ready to ensure that they provide quality customer experiences at every step. We specialize in voice, chat, text, email, and social media support for growing businesses. Take the next step in saving on costs and scaling your business without missing out on quality with the help of 24/7 agents at Pac Biz.

We help our clients grow. Adding agents with ease as they scale operations.

Contact us to get started.

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