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Taxicaller Partnership

We work directly with TaxiCaller and have our own phone integration or we can integrate with your existing phone system.

Advanced IT Department

We have a 24/7 IT and supervisor support team on site and can reach out to TaxiCaller directly for any issues.

TaxiCaller Specific Agent Training

We also have a Taxi Agent training program that trains agents on the TaxiCaller system so they are confident & experienced on call taking on your dispatch system before taking calls.

Supervisors & Account Managers

Management Team at No extra Cost to you

We also offer our own 24/7 iCabbi call center supervisor support for any of our clients & offer taxi account managers (with years of experience providing call center support to taxi companies) who you’ll work with.

What We Do

Taxi & Transportation Services

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Grow exponentially without compromising CX Quality.