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Looking Back at 2019: Pac Biz Gives Back

Looking Back at 2019: Pac Biz Gives Back

Looking Back at 2019: Pac Biz Gives Back

importance of the culture of giving back in your business

Whether your business is already leading the game or just starting out, there should always be room for charity. Pac Biz values the community its employees belong to, and because of this, we’ve created a tradition of giving back. We’ve been dedicated to this effort since 2015, as it enriches not only the community but also the hearts of our employees. Casa Miani, a local orphanage, has been the main beneficiary of Pac Biz’s philanthropic efforts. Here are some outreach events lead by the Pac Biz Culture Committee in coordination with Casa Miani.

Medicine Donation

In institutions that deal with children like Casa Miani, healthcare is of utmost importance. Pac Biz has made efforts to provide basic medical supplies for the orphanage. In May 2019, we donated basic medicine and supplements like Multivitamins, Paracetamol, Mefenamic, and anti-bacterial and fungal ointments. We also donated essential disinfectants & antiseptics such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and first aid items like medical tape, cotton, and bandages.

Uniform Donation

Around mid-June this year, the Culture Committee invited some Pac Biz employees to distribute uniforms to the children in Casa Miani. The main goal was to make a difference in the children’s daily lives by providing them these uniforms. We’ve donated 31 uniforms to date.

Pac Biz agents are evaluated weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly, in order to assess and improve agents’ performance.

Casa Miani Reading Camp

Education is necessary to better the lives of people, especially impoverished children. In coordination with Peace Corps, Pac Biz supported a reading camp at Casa Miani, which was also attended by children from the neighboring areas. The activity was aimed towards letting children gain confidence through reading and self-expression.

Food Drive at Casa Miani

Aside from Pac Biz employees and the Culture Committee, we also connect our clients and consultants to our beneficiaries. Recently, Don, one of our consultants visited the Dumaguete site to work with Pac Biz to be HIPPA Certified, which will help Pac Biz   expand the outsourcing business to the medical niche (Check out Pac Biz goals for 2020 here: Pac BIz Roadmap for 202). We accompanied Don, along with his wife and kids, to provide simple meals to the children of Casa Miani.

Soccer Training

Pac Biz believes that children should experience holistic growth. Through our soccer training program, we aim to support children’s health and welfare and to create an environment where they can practice leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We’ve donated soccer shoes to the children and continue to train them every Saturday.

The community that supports our business deserves attention. Through giving back, our employees can create a stronger bond with their own communities. We believe that this is a driving force for our company to inspire change and make the world a better place. 

Your business needs an outsourcing partner with strong core values. If you wish to know more about our company culture, you may contact us through the form below. 

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