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PAC BIZ 2020 Road Map: Looking Forward to a Prosperous Year

True to our commitment, Pac Biz has always been focused on helping companies reach their true potential when it comes to their customer relationships. That is why we laid out some goals for the start of the new decade. Here’s what we got planned for 2020.


The high standards in hiring call center agents have sustained the growth of Pac Biz over the years. Because our clients’ needs always change, we continue to research new ways of serving them. We work with clients remotely on a daily basis, and we have used the best tools. However, we see the need to take it up a notch. Pac Biz will be launching it’s very own scheduling software designed to improve the workflow for both employees, the management team, and clients.


For the sake of agents, team leaders and managers, Pac Biz will initiate a learning program tackle soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication. This comprehensive, customized learning program will give our employees ample skill to be confident enough on the production floor. Things like grammar, pronunciation and basic customer service will also be discussed. In 2020, employees will not only be well-coached to fix their errors but will also be coached to keep up their good performance. The weekly coaching sessions’ aim is to create an environment to keep agents motivated and appreciated.


Currently, Pac Biz has more than 200 employees. By 2020, we expect this number to go up to 500, another milestone for Pac Biz. Additional managers and agents who will be employed by Pac Biz will be equipped with customer-service knowledge through our rigorous training program. Pac Biz believes that investing in its employees will lead to the company’s success. We’ve recently started an employee spotlight blog, and we’re planning to feature 3 top agents monthly. This is only the first of many efforts to improve our employee’s careers. 


Pac Biz’s dedicated Culture Committee will keep serving the company’s employees. Our goal for the committee is to set metrics to accurately measure employee engagement. This system will be adapted from the top global companies with the best culture. We also see the need to set more measurable goals that will help us stay true to Pac Biz core values. We aim to have a distinct identity by creating a ‘culture wall’ that represents our Mission and Vision statements. We’ll also continue to give back to the community through our outreach, mentorship, and wellness programs. In 2020, we will also let clients be more involved in the joy of giving back.


While owner, Eric Mulvin, continues to bear the Pac Biz torch all over conferences educating the power of outsourcing, by 2020, Pac Biz will be expected to be HIPAA certified, expanding to clients in the medical field, data entry, lead generation, surveying and much more. This will require a better IT infrastructure by adding more servers and more tools to support additional accounts. We hold the privacy of information to the highest standards and with these infrastructure improvements, Pac Biz aims to be SOC 2 compliant. This will also improve our finance department’s billing and payroll system.

From a small scale business of less than a hundred, we are quickly growing and expected to have 500 employees come 2020. Our pursuit of excellence never wavered these past years, and we’re looking forward to a new decade with high hopes! Want to improve your business and become a part of our journey? Schedule a meeting with our sales team today.  

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