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PB Cares: Pac Biz Supports Casa Miani Ready to Read Camp


PB Cares: Pac Biz Supports Casa Miani Ready to Read Camp

As a company, one mission of Pac Biz is to have a positive impact to those in need. Our end goal is to one day establish an Orphanage & Foundation of our own, and providing for the less fortunate children with education, food, & essentials. Pac Biz has been involved over the years, supporting orphanages around Dumaguete, Philippines as we work towards our mission. This year, we have partnered with Casa Miani Averdi, a home of 31 boys in Talay, Junob, Negros Oriental.

Since March, Pac Biz Team Members have been volunteering at the Orphanage, coaching Soccer for the boys on weekends. We have also supplied some of their needs, such as medicines, toiletries and school uniforms, and IT help. Pac Biz dedicates itself to a continuous partnership, committing to a once-a-month visitation.


The boys at Casa Miani had their first reading camp last August 10-11, where Pac Biz sponsored the meals of the two-day event.  45 children attended the camp, 31 boys from Casa Miani and 17 boys and girls they invited from the community. The activities were facilitated by peace corps volunteers led by Marcie Edu, who is currently assigned in the orphanage. They also had conducted Leadership Camp for girls (Girls Leading The World) and Equality Camp and Sports Camp.


The Ready to Read Camp was Edu’s initiative to encourage the children to enjoy reading, and to make them interested in learning new things. One of the goals is to give them the confidence to be able to express themselves. Fr. Enrico of Casa Miani suggested the activity since they get a lot of visitors in the orphanage. The kids are too shy to speak to visitors, so he wanted them to have more confidence. The camp was divided into two programs for non-readers and readers. The older children were given scripts they had to act out. According to peace corps facilitator Edu, as long as the activity it gives them a sense of self-expression, it’s okay to make mistakes. She pointed out that we all make mistakes while learning a new language but with enough encouragement, and due diligence, the children will improve.


They also had team building activity where the boys and the community interacted. The children’s favorite part of the activity was the bonfire, where they had marshmallow and popcorn. Some of the community kids also asked if they can come again and join activities. The Casa Miani boys were happy to have people around. They would want to make it an annual orphanage activity, which can also serve as leadership camp.


Pac Biz is more than just a call center, we strive to excel in everything we do, professionally and personally. Our company culture encourages our team to grow in their abilities, along with growing as people, making a difference in lives’ of those who are less fortunate. We are proud to provide and help shape the lives of children that lack the support a lot of us take for granted.

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