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Choosing a BPO: Customer Service Outsourcing Process

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Why Do Companies Outsource?

As companies grow, so do the struggles of scaling operations. Not only are business owners struggling with finding adequate talent for reasonable pay, they are left responsible for a number of overhead costs that come with this needed growth. Learn about the issues entrepreneurs are experiencing, and why businesses worldwide benefit from outsourcing.

Cost-Effectivity Pain Points of a Growing Business

When a business outsources, they are relieved of the attached costs of hiring in-house. This includes:

  • Constant Increases in Minimum Wage 
  • Hiring Costs (Job Postings, Interviews, etc.)
  • Training Costs (Staff for training, materials)
  • Equipment Costs (Computers, phones, electricity, internet, etc.)
  • Benefits (Required by local laws)
  • Turnover Costs (unemployment, disgruntled employees)
  • Needing Last Minute Coverage for No-Shows, Sick Employees, & Holidays

Performance Pain Points in Scaling Operations

There are many factors that exist that make it especially difficult to scale, and maintaining a high standard of performance is one of the most important. 

Regarding hiring local, in-house customer service representatives (CSRs) or Data Entry employees, some challenges include:

  • Entry Level – no experience, low skills, unreliable
  • Toxic Personalities – bring down team’s performance/motivation
  • Performance Auditing Needed – addressing mistakes & implementing solutions
  • Human Resources Issues – office drama, legalities


Outsourcing with a BPO: Every Industry's Secret to Profitability

Businesses of all sizes reap benefits from outsourcing certain operations in their growing business, including:

  • Scale Faster
    • Ability to hire many workers at a time
  • Cost Effectiveness
    • Low rates, premium talent
    • Profit Margins Increases Significantly
  • Clear, Set Standards
    • Training Department adapting to your company needs
    • Quality Assurance (QA) Team to consistently audit performance
    • Call Calibration: Compare call/chat scoring with Training/QA Team
      • Standards & Expectations are clear
  • Higher Quality Talent
    • Replace Entry Level with Outsourced Agents with 3-5 minimum experience, college educated
  • Better Communication
    • Account Managers, Supervisors, and even BPO owner can be reached to address issues or new information
  • Agents Act as Extension of Your Team
    • Schedule outsourced agents’ shifts as you would any normal employee
    • Agents can attend meetings and work with team for optimal performance


*Please Note that these are the standards held at Pac Biz, not guaranteed for all outsourcing/BPO companies.

Pac Biz Solves the Same Problem for Many Companies

The headache of hiring and managing Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) or Virtual Employees is the same across many industries. By signing up with Pac Biz, your business is provided with the opportunity to grow, keeping performance at a consistent high quality, further consequenting in improved customer satisfaction.

“Manage Operations Budgets Smarter.”

Outsourcing with Pac Biz, allows businesses to manage operations budgets smarter, allowing more money to be used towards improving the product, service and other important sectors of their business.

All Pac Biz clients are billed at a low monthly rate per agent which also includes training, supervisors, managers, benefits, 24/7 IT monitoring, HIPAA compliance level security, and more.

Trusted by small-medium sized enterprises throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada (expanding to Australia) to provide customer support/virtual services at the highest level, Pac Biz saves clients significantly in annual payroll costs.

Set a meeting today to discuss your options.

Easy Onboarding

From start to finish, outsourcing with Pac Biz is easy. It starts with a meeting with our team based in Phoenix, Arizona. Services, processes and billing are explained. Then, clients are assigned an account manager and training supervisor – who will set up all integrations and get your agents working at a clear standard. Our team works directly with every client to ensure satisfaction. Contact us and we can connect you with referrals from some of our current clients in Ecommerce, Transportation, or other industries. 

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