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Eric Mulvin, Taxi Contact Center Expert, Speaks at the Transportation Alliance Convention

Eric Mulvin, Taxi Contact Center Expert, Speaks at the Transportation Alliance Convention

Eric Mulvin, Taxi Contact Center Expert, Speaks at the Transportation Alliance Convention

Learn from Taxi Call Center Experts Pac Biz and Win a Trip to the Philippines at the 101st Transportation Alliance Convention

Pac Biz co-founder Eric Mulvin returns to the taxi conference and will be speaking at panel discussion How May I Help You?: Outsourced and Cooperative Call Centers with the topic: The Taxi Contact Center of the Future, on Thursday, October 17, 8:45 a.m.-9:40 a.m. at the Transportation Alliance 101st Fall Convention this October 17th and 18th at Bally’s, Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Pac Biz History

Phoenix, AZ.

I’ve seen first hand the global growth in the transportation industry though our taxi call center and how companies adapt in a post Uber and Lyft transportation landscape and the changes that are happening,” said Eric Mulvin, co-founder of Pac Biz, a 24/7 transportation and ecommerce call center in Dumaguete, Philippines. What started as 5 employees in 2015 has turned into over 200 staff and growing at their Dumaguete office, about 12,500 miles from Phoenix, AZ where Mulvin is based.

This week he will be sharing what he has learned in his 8 years of experience in the taxi industry at the Transportation Alliance’s 101st Fall Convention. “I’ve done everything from drive a cab until 3 am to finding new hotel and hospital accounts, running Facebook ads, helping build websites and for the past 5 years, running a taxi call center,” added Mulvin, “and believe it or not, all that experience connects.” He will be a panelist speaker this Thursday at the 8:45 am discussion, How May I Help You?: Outsourced and Cooperative Call Centers with the topic: The Taxi Contact Center of the Future.

Pac Biz has a dedicated training staff that makes the recruitment-to-operations process more seamless

Have a Chat with Eric and Kelsey

In addition to the Learning Lab workshop, you will also be able to talk with Mulvin as well as Kelsey Spahn from Pac Biz directly at their booth #423 at Bally’s, Las Vegas, NV. Mrs Spahn, who recently represented Pac Biz in the UK based PHTM conference, helps support Pac Biz’s growth in the United Kingdom as well as North American clients from her Houston, TX office. “Attending the UK PHTM Expo was an amazing opportunity to see differences in the transportation industry across the world. At Pac Biz we aim to stay one step ahead of the changing industry to provide world class contact center support for your business.” added Spahn.

Win a Trip to the Philippines!

Pac Biz is serious about connecting with taxi owners and this year they are even giving away a trip to visit their office in Dumaguete, Philippines. “We have 2 to 3 visitors a month out there and everyone leaves blown away at our operations, the staff, the city itself and the work we do with the local orphanages,” Mulvin said “so we hope to give a taxi owner an opportunity of a lifetime and pay for a trip for them to come visit our taxi call center.”

It’s been a busy year for co-founder Eric Mulvin, who normally makes the long journey to the Philippines twice a year but this year he also welcomed the birth of his 2nd daughter. “I was able to enjoy the same 2 months off that our moms get in the Philippines after they have babies so it was tough to get back to work but it’s great to know we have such a large team in the Philippines to help support our taxi clients scaling up their business, things went smoothly when I stepped away and that is what we are promising to our clients, that things will run great when you hand over your calls and some of your driver support to us,” Mulvin shared.

You can find Pac Biz this Thursday and Friday at booth #423 at the 101st Transportation Alliance Fall Convention at Bally’s, Las Vegas, NV.

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Pac Biz is a 24/7 quality focused call center ran from Phoenix, Arizona but operated out of Dumaguete, Philippines. With over 145 staff and growing, Pac Biz provides support for transportation companies, ecommerce companies and solar companies. Pac Biz provides a dedicated on site account manager, a quality team, 24/7 supervisors, a training team and active US ownership to build long term relationships with our clients.


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