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How Do Taxi Contact Centers Take Reservations & Bookings Remotely?

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In this rapidly changing business environment, we see multi-channel support shine in bringing more efficiency to transportation booking and taxi dispatching. How does this relate to taxi contact centers?

The new distinction between a call center and contact center is simply how a contact center uses multiple channels of communication to service clients. Call centers primarily rely on processing calls.

Chat Support

One of the better ways in which taxi contact centers do better taxi dispatching is by utilizing chat. Chat has the advantage of taking less time than calls, and less chance of misunderstanding, especially when customers are in loud settings or experiencing intermittent signals.

Chat support for taxi dispatching can take many forms and not only with social media chat but also through dedicated apps that process reservations and bookings. The simplicity and speed ensure that outsourced agents can process more bookings than traditional forms of reservations.

Call Support

Taxi dispatching also accounts for live calls. This function is often best handled by professionals to minimize booking failures and minimize rising costs involved in training and retaining customer service staff. The situation is such that lower cost AND more professional services are best acquired through outsourcing to a taxi contact center such as Pac Biz.

Taxi Contact Center Outsourcing Done Right

Pac Biz isn’t just any taxi contact center for taxi dispatching. Unlike competition that uses agents merely to process calls without any concern for customer experience. Pac Biz specializes in higher performance at low monthly costs. How?

Pac Biz gives its agents enough support and training to ensure that there is low turnover and attrition so that your operations will not be disrupted. Pac Biz also offers monthly renewable contracts to give you the best possible deal and flexibility. 

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