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Scaling by Diversifying: Pac Biz’s Growth Over the Years

In our early days as a call center, we worked mostly with taxi companies based in the United States. As we grew, we started taking on taxi clients from the UK and Canada. But like any scaling company, we decided to diversify into multiple segments. We wanted to branch out to different industries so we can use our experience in customer satisfaction to help grow other businesses.


Last year, we were able to grow our e-commerce support segment. Setting up a customer support center for your business is not an easy feat, especially when you’re just starting out. You would have to allocate resources for communication tools & software. There’s also the long process of hiring, training, and managing local employees just to take calls. Your time is better spent on doing better ad campaigns to drive traffic and sales to your website. As a business owner, you would want to focus on the core of your business – that is innovating ways your product can be better to stay ahead of your competitors. And that’s what the experts at Pac Biz are here for. We provide 24/7 support no matter where our clients and their customers are in the world.

One of our defining features as a company is the way we use communication to empower our agents. We let our clients openly communicate with agents so that they always have updated information. This enables our agents to work independently and make sound decisions to boost customer satisfaction. A dedicated account manager and quality team are also available around the clock, so the quality of service stays consistent.


One of the segments we’re currently working on is our virtual assistant department. We’ve tapped into two industries that need help the most: The home service industry and the real estate industry. If you’re a self-starter, you’ve probably had bad days where the pile of paperwork gets too overwhelming for you to focus on anything. This may hamper your productivity and might hurt your ability to close sales and get clients. This is why we’ve decided to offer virtual assistant services.

If you read our history, we started Pac Biz out of necessity. We were running our small business but we couldn’t focus on getting customers because we were too busy taking calls or setting appointments and doing clerical tasks. Having a virtual assistant who can work independently can give you the confidence you need to take on the more important challenges in your industry.

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