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Wild About Nature Challenge: Pac Biz Employees Reconnect, Revitalize, and Reflect

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Connect With the Natural Environment for a Healthier Life

Spending time in nature, regardless of how long you do so, will definitely have an impact on you, both physically and mentally. Living in the city can take a toll on anyone and people often take nature for granted, even though they’re hardly exposed to it.

Pac Biz is proud to have the hardest working employees in outsourcing, but even they know that they need to slow down and take in what nature has to offer every once in a while.

Motivated by Nature


The Wild About Nature Challenge has allowed Pac Biz employees to breathe and listen to nature, which allowed them to open up and listen to themselves, affording reflection and everything else positive that nature has to offer.

The challenge comes from Motivated by Nature, which helps individuals connect with the natural environment. It consists of numerous challenges that involve getting outside to improve health, creativity, and productivity, and to foster that sense of community culture, especially in the office environment.

Spending Time in Nature With Pac Biz Employees

Recruitment specialist Catherine in particular learned that spending time in nature, even for half an hour, widened her perspective in a city surrounded by nature. Customer service agent Terrymar acknowledged that she took the beauty around her for granted but upon spending time in nature, she learned to slow down.

Supervisor Rolliecel started living a healthier lifestyle after participating in the challenge and claims that the experience has helped her become even more productive at work. Account manager Garth learned to be more focused on his tasks while the challenge was still ongoing.

Training manager Luchie, in particular, went through a lot and managed to clear her mind to fix the problems that she went through.

The Spring Challenges

Wild About Nature begins 2 days before the start of each month (March, April, May) and registration is 3 days in advance at the beginning of each month. Those who are interested in reconnecting with nature can definitely benefit from the challenge.

Just like Pac Biz employees, you can certainly reap plenty when you join the challenge. Allow yourself to attune with nature at its finest, even with the most hectic of schedules during the pandemic. Never allow yourself to take your surroundings for granted.

Join the Wild About Nature Challenge Today

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