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What Businesses Can Do During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Being sustainable in business during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a challenge for most organizations, especially with quarantines and lockdowns in place. One pressing problem is possible infection and contamination, especially among employees inside establishments. It’s no surprise that plenty are encouraging businesses to impose measures in the coming weeks.

How Outsourcing Creates More Jobs

How does outsourcing create more jobs? It provides benefits for jobseekers and communities both local and offshore.

What Is Quality Assurance? Why is it so Important?

Ensuring optimal performance with an emphasis on excellent quality is essential for any growing business, and Pac Biz helps companies succeed in this area. Customer service agents are representing your company, and their engagement with clients & customers, good or bad, can make all the difference.

Celebrating Excellence: Five Years With Pac Biz

Giving results beyond expectations has been a legacy for Pac Biz. Through the years, Pac Biz has always prepared for what’s next in the outsourcing world.

It’s All About Communication: Five Reasons It’s Important in Outsourcing

Communication is vital to the entire outsourcing process, so if you find yourself running into some trouble, then perhaps it’s time to look into how the entire process is running for you. Communication in outsourcing is important for the following reasons.

iCabbi Marketplace Spotlight: Pac Biz

Sinead Gillett, Head of Content for iCabbi, interviews Eric Mulvin, CEO and co-founder of Pac Biz on what he thinks about the future of the taxi industry.

Solutions for High Costs of Entry Level Employees

Minimum-wage agents have lower motivation and higher turnover rates. They eventually quit, and the cycle starts over again. How are some business owners able to avoid this problem?

Pac Biz Owner, Eric Mulvin, to Speak at CCW in Nashville, Tennessee

This year, Pac Biz co-founder, Eric Mulvin, will be talking at CCW’s Empathy Think Tank segment.

How Pac Biz Staff Help Run E-commerce Companies During the Holiday Season

It can be overwhelming for your local staff to deal with complaints, inquiries, and everything in between. That’s where your outsourced team comes in. Here’s how Pac Biz staff help eCommerce companies cope with the holiday rush:

Looking Back at 2019: Pac Biz Gives Back

Whether your business is already leading the game or just starting out, there should always be room for charity. Pac Biz values the community its employees belong to, and because of this, we’ve created a tradition of giving back.