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iCabbi Software Specialized Taxi Call Center

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What is iCabbi?

iCabbi provides taxi and transportation companies with innovative booking & dispatching systems utilizing cloud-based technology. They are leaders in the taxi software industry and continue to grow worldwide.

Pac Biz outsourcing services provides transportation businesses that utilize iCabbi systems with booking and dispatch agents that are knowledgeable and highly skilled in the iCabbi system. Pac Biz has partnered with iCabbi as an approved iCabbi contact center.

Why Should My Company Use a Taxi Call Center for Customer Support & Dispatching Rides?

1. Cost-Effective

When taxi or non-emergency medical transportation companies grow, so does the need for customer support. Skilled employees that are motivated and committed to bring your company success are few and far between.

Hiring locally and managing an in-house call center can take up more of your budget than it should.

Costs that you take on hiring/managing in-house contact center:

  • High Minimum Wage (or more due to lack of qualified applicants)
  • Training Costs 
  • Supervision
  • Managers
  • HR
  • Health Benefits
  • Unemployment (for those you have to fire)
  • Lost Revenue (when reps call in sick, don’t show up, need time off, or just not having enough staff, period.)
Dispatch Services

Outsourcing to Taxi Call Centers reduces annual payroll costs significantly. Pac Biz clients have reported a savings of $250k+ when compared to hiring in-house, leaving them with more room in their budget for innovation.

2. Stress-Free

If you are a transportation business that has had to hire contact support and dispatching agents, you are no stranger to the stress that comes with managing a call center. Not only do you have to deal with office drama and the common toxic personalities, you also have to consider the difficulties in making sure they are performing at your standards.

Pac Biz agents work with taxi companies worldwide to provide support and dispatching at high level performance, based on your training and protocols. Our training department is top-notch and can easily onboard new agents quickly. 

When your local agents quit (sometimes many at a time), it can be a nightmare. You cannot afford to lose business without anyone answering your calls, chats, and more. Pac Biz makes sure to have multiple backup agents trained for your account for easy coverage.


3. Skilled Transportation Agents

Since Pac Biz has been serving the transportation industry throughout The United States, The United Kingdom, and Canada (while expanding to Australia) for many years, we know the ins and outs of the taxi business. We’ve partnered with the industry’s leaders and have an established network and knowledge base of what’s new in the taxi world.

Our iCabbi Taxi Agent training program is designed to train call center specialists to handle dispatches and booking via the iCabbi Transportation Platform with excellent attention to detail. Along with supervisors and account managers who have years of experience in providing call center support, our iCabbi agents will be able to take care of your dispatching needs with ease and precision.

4. Scales with Your Needs

iCabbi taxi companies are always growing, and many have seasonal influxes of increased business. When the busy season is upon us, are you prepared to hire agents as needed? With Pac Biz, our clients rave about the ease of scaling up and down the amount of agents needed.

A common occurrence in the transportation industry is growth through acquiring another company, mergers, expanding territories, and increased business due to competitors closing. Outsourcing contact support and dispatching with Pac Biz allows taxi owners to umbrella all standards in customer and driver experience, with the ability to bring on 130 agents to their account at a time.

Pac Biz: iCabbi Taxi Call Center of Choice

Learn why Pac Biz, a Taxi Call Center, has partnered with iCabbi to provide users with quality contact agents with specialized training specific to iCabbi booking and dispatching. Never outsourced before? No problem, we’ll guide you through the process.

Eric Mulvin
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Founder + CEO of Pac Biz

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