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How Do You Outsource Taxi Calls & Dispatching?

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Multi-Channel Support and Dispatch Systems

Taxi businesses worldwide have plenty to take into account when it comes to dispatching. The most important factors to consider: Are the customers happy? Are the drivers happy? Are you operating at the most productive and cost-effective level?

Do You Need Taxi Calls & Dispatching?

Keeping Customers & Drivers Happy

The best thing you can do to accelerate your company to heights, and scale to a larger fleet is to make the customers and drivers happy

Drivers provide your service and are really the driving force behind whether a passenger chooses your transportation service again. Provide them with incentives, rewards, and most of all, jobs that keep them maximizing their earning potential.

Happy drivers means happy customers, and when happy customers become repeat customers, it circles back to more jobs & happy drivers with job security.

Outsourcing Customer Support: Taxi Industry Secret

While the main interaction a customer has with your business is with drivers, their experience starts with their customer support experience. When booking through phone, chat, and more platforms, customers can be turned off of using your company at all when they have a bad experience with low-quality agents, long waits, or even worse, no answer at all. 

With the difficulties of hiring local support staff or funding and managing in-house call center operations, the best taxi and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) companies save time, money, and effort by outsourcing to call centers that specialize in transportation.

You get high quality services at a lower price point, there’s no losing. 

Speaking of budget, when you’re looking at your business’s annual financials, do you ever consider different ways to run your business at a lower overhead? The transportation industry worldwide cuts annual costs significantly by outsourcing customer support, with many operating 100% outsourced, to others that work with a hybrid team (partly outsourced, partly in-house). It’s the industry’s best kept secret to keeping costs low and improving support quality. Many use those savings to invest into further growing the business through marketing or pursuing accounts with companies with recurring transportation needs.

Put Your Business In the Fast Lane

Pac Biz, a taxi/NEMT customer support company, understands that customer and driver experience makes a powerful difference in success and growth. We make it easy to scale support operations as you grow. Add agents when you have a busy season, acquire another company, extend territories, or have local agents quit or perform poorly. Our agents act as an extension of your team, providing coverage for weekends, holidays, no-shows, or sick leaves.

You never have to worry about missing calls or struggle with hiring agents yourself. Highly trained support teams at Pac Biz calibrate standards according to your expectations.

Support from All Channels

Customers love working with support agents who engage with them on platforms that they prefer. Pac Biz agents are trained to handle concerns via calls, live chat, social media, emails, and more.


Taxi and NEMT business owners love working with Pac Biz dispatching services. They are experts at finding the best driver to take ride reservations and getting the trip details to them quickly. Outsourcing dispatching to Pac Biz brings ease of mind to transportation businesses knowing they are in good hands.

Let Pac Biz Help You Grow Your Business

Your taxi/NEMT transportation business will scale as you focus on what you do best, growing contracts and advancing technologies — while we handle call center support for you.

Get in Touch With Us

We have vast experience in providing support and dispatching services to taxi and NEMT companies all over the world (US, UK, Canada, and more). Contact us for a short call so we can learn more about your transportation business and how we can fill any voids in your current operations.

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