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How customer service technology can make or break your customer experience

This October will mark 7 years since I registered my first business, and in today’s fast paced trend of new technology every day, I’ve tried out probably over 100+ different solutions for everything you can think of, phone solutions, conference call software, dozens of CRMs and email marketing programs, etc. In addition, we’ve supported countless other solutions for our clients.

The biggest lesson we’ve learned, if it’s your staff’s primary tool to process orders, look up previous transactions and store all your customer data, then this is the brain of the organization and your business’s success or failure is directly tied to how effective this software is at managing your customers.

In my previous blog I talked about the customer experience and why you should spend the time to map out what your customers experience, because a big role in shaping that experience is the software you use. Today, we will go over an example of a Pac Biz client that wasn’t just lacking software, they didn’t have anything. As you read though the example, think about settings you can change in your company’s software to make their experience better (or what new software can meet your needs!).

One of our Pac Biz Inbound Customer Services client is a home services business, based in Phoenix, AZ. His company sends out staff to the home to provide a quote and hopefully earn their business and come back to do the work.

When they first started working with Pac Biz, their whole business was run on paper. Quotes were scribbled out on carbon copy paper. Receipts were hand written.

What typically would happen would be a customer would call back about an install from 2-3 years or more, in order to look up their order, our staff would have to email the wife of the owner, she would look up the paper record and send a photo back through email.

This means previous customers, every time they called back, would never get immediate service.

How we solved this problem was we scanned in every invoice in for them in Phoenix, and used our Pac Biz data entry team to enter this into a new CRM that was cloud based. It also included iPad apps for the staff to enter in quotes directly, save the customer information, take photos of the completed work, take payments and provide an email receipt for the customer.

Most companies are already using technology to manage their customers, but maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at your software to see if it’s still meeting the needs of your customers.

On top of that, our Pac Biz agents can now put customer information right in to their system on the first call so the field techniciations don’t have to do data entry work on site. The system also helps manage the staffs schedule maximizing their time on job sites and allows our agents to also do personalized reminder calls and texts about upcoming appointments and work. Most importantly, long time customers needing support or who want to purchase more services can be handled immediately.

Most companies are already using technology to manage their customers, but maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at your software to see if it’s still meeting the needs of your customers, or driving them away to your competitors. Pac Biz can help you find a new software solution or we can use our talented agents to fill in the gaps of your current software and provide people support where your software can’t keep up. Schedule a free call today with co-founder Eric Mulvin to find out how you can improve your customer experience today with Pac Biz.

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