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How E-Commerce Businesses Deal with the Seasonal Surge

Getting Your Business Peak Season Ready

More and more businesses all around the world report significant changes in their sales during the holidays with huge spikes taking credit from what is commonly known as a seasonal surge.

What Happens in a Seasonal Surge?

Since it’s the time for gift-giving, more events, and increased customer activity, retail companies anticipate a boost in sales, while service providers are also expected to be at their busiest. However, in the point of view of a business owner, the holiday season poses both a huge opportunity for the business and a serious challenge.

Like all other things, there are also a lot of factors that you need to consider for the holiday rush and these include competition, balancing supply and demand, and challenging trends. Is your company ready to face all of these?

How Seasonal Surges Affect E-Commerce

Consistent with its 2021 holiday season sales prediction, the eMarketer has yet again, expected a huge spike in 2022 and the succeeding years to come, with Black Friday being the highest at 3.9%, closely followed by Cyber Monday at 3.8%, and Small Business Saturday at 3.3%. These figures represent billions of growth rate in online sales, excluding travel and event tickets, taxes, bill pay, money transfers, and food and drink services whose sales are also expected to climb up.

With online transactions being the most convenient and hassle-free mode of purchasing, it’s expected to gain popularity among consumers worldwide.

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Challenges with the Seasonal Surge

The seasonal surge isn’t always a good thing because there are also a lot of challenges that come with it:

  • Tough competition
  • Traffic surge getting out of hand
  • Inability of the supply to meet the demand
  • Online trends that can be so hard to keep up with
  • Mismanaging shipping and delivery
  • Poor refund and exchange system
  • Weak customer service or lack of customer support channel

Adapt to the Changing Times

Instead of going against it, adapting to the changing times can do you more good. It’s only wise for you to always be keen on the trends of e-commerce businesses, most especially with social media presence and online marketing. With the help of a good and reliable internet marketing specialist, you can easily get things done for your new business strategies.

Improve Inventory Management

When it comes to dealing with the challenges in supply and demand, it’s important to develop proper inventory management with your e-commerce business. Review your analytics for the previous years so that you can enhance your strategies and your approach towards the seasonal surge.

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Level Up Your Customer Support Channel

As the holiday season draws near, the rise in demand for companies won’t slow down any time soon. It’s expected to intensify in the upcoming weeks, and assessing your resources and taking advantage of the newest technology are more crucial than ever. You can be confident you’ll be able to handle the anticipated demand better by using innovative solutions.

Serving your customers effectively will get more complicated with the manual methods you continue to employ. Order processing and fulfillment will go faster if you integrate customer service professionals within your business systems. Knowing that you can better control demand and raise client satisfaction will save you the anxiety of the holiday’s upcoming surge.

How Pac Biz Helps

You’ll need an expert team of agents from Pac Biz to handle client calls and inquiries, especially during this gift-giving season. Our e-commerce team has received the best training possible to deal with the pressure that comes with the seasonal surge. Say goodbye to lagging behind on those inquiries and backlog, because our team can process the large volume of incoming calls quickly and effectively. Not only that, but our agents can handle customer support through any platform, whether it’s call, chat, or email!

Because we ensure that every agent is intimately familiar with your product, rest assured that your company is in good hands. Additionally, supervisors and quality assurance agents closely supervise and direct them.

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High-level production support also ensures the consistency of our services’ quality. IT support is readily available around the clock in case of any technical issues. Our specialists constantly monitor the primary and backup servers to minimize technical concerns.

Prepare your business for the surge in customer purchases, inquiries, and more. Stick with a solid customer support team that can manage peak seasons.

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