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Scaling Your eCommerce Customer Support for the Holiday Rush

Another year is about to end. The upcoming holiday rush is a make it or break it situation for your business. It is an opportunity to double your revenue and increase your chances to grow your eCommerce business with a good reputation. Follow these steps to get ready for the holidays by scaling customer support for the holiday rush.


The whole business may not be able to operate 24 hours a day, but customer satisfaction should not be compromised. Whether chat or phone, 24/7 support enhances the customer experience, thus enabling you to build a good relationship with them. This factor alone can set your business apart from your competitors. This can also be a channel to give upsell offers to your customers.


The holiday rush is when most customers are willing and able to shell out more money than the rest of the year. This big roll out on sales transactions can get your business into a very messy situation. Miscommunication with customers, missed leads, security risks – a lot can happen. A good set of tools that can handle incoming phone traffic and transactions is a must have. Look for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that meets your needs as a business owner.


If you’re just starting out, one person may be enough to cover several roles in our business. However, in the event that your eCommerce business grows, you need to hire an experienced team that knows eCommerce from the inside-out. The right team can easily take on the challenge of the holiday rush. An outsourced team is always advisable, this way, you don’t have to spend time on hiring and training, and you can focus your funds on improving your products.


Everything that you do in an eCommerce business relies on the power of the Internet. Therefore, a 24/7, high-speed and reliable internet connection is a must. Investing in equipment and hiring staff to maintain may be too much overhead costs for a growing business like yours. That’s why working with an outsourcing firm that offers this at no extra cost to you is the best way to scale without breaking the bank.

Worrying over the holiday rush is inevitable – but it’s also a sign that your business is growing. Outsourcing these worries is an efficient and cost-effective solution. Pac Biz has proven experience in supporting eCommerce businesses in their growth. Talk to our business development team today, and let’s see how we can grow together!

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